Why Need Cloud to Cloud Backup?

The cloud is taking over modern enterprises, and it’s likely that your business is carried out on the cloud. If you are using the cloud,
your team will rely heavily on it for data storage, marketing, and so on. Cloud data backup enables you to:

MultCloud Cloud Backup

MultCloud’s Cloud Backup allows you to back up files, folders, videos, etc. stored on one cloud service (whether a popular public app, like Microsoft Office or G Suite or a private cloud) to another. In brief, Cloud Backup can quickly, securely and directly back up files across clouds. In addition, MultCloud, as the best free online cloud backup service, offers different features to fulfill data backup, like:

How to Backup One Cloud to Another?

Whether you are using Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, etc., you can implement cloud-to-cloud backup in just 3 steps. You may be interested in the following tutorials on backup between clouds.

Why MultCloud is Better?

  • Ease to Use

    No downloading and uploading! No need to launch the application! With the clear and user-friendly interface, cloud data backup can be completed in 3 steps.

  • Fast Backup and Recovery

    Backup and restore your files using multi-threads, which can be described as lightning speed so that you can quickly find the data you need to back up and restore lost files in a few seconds.

  • Military-grade Encryption

    During storage or transmission, your data is protected by AES-256 encryption. Besides, since MultCloud does not store any data, the data remains in your cloud. Your data is managed by you.

  • Real Backup

    Most online cloud backup services are not real backup software, they are actually sync services. However, MultCloud is a professional cloud data backup service that can back up your files to multiple versions so that you can restore them to the version you need.

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