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Overview of Box and OneDrive

Cloud storage is the service where users can store and manage lots of data through cloud computing in the internet. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, more and more people who work from home have been using major cloud storage services such as Box, OneDrive, etc. to collaborate with their colleagues.


Box is a secure and professional platform for users to manage and save data, which offers a whole content lifecycle, from file editing to file retention. Focused on advanced features to enterprises, Box is popular around many of the Fortune 500 trust. By using Box, the data is safely protected and the workflow can be accelerated which would improve users’ work efficiency.


While OneDrive is from Microsoft and is a good choice for those who are using Microsoft Office packages such as Word, Excel, etc. With 5GB of free storage space, users not only can store images, videos, documents as well as audio files, but also access those files anywhere and anytime.

Why Backup Box to OneDrive

Both cloud services are brilliant and can bring much convenience to users. Though Box can meet many users’ needs, OneDrive performs better than Box in terms of price, file version history and cloud storage system.  To manage data better, you can backup data from Box to OneDrive. Now, let’s see the comparisons in detail.

  • For Price: Compared to Box, OneDrive offers a more cost-effective plan for both individuals and businesses. That’s to say, for personals, you can spend less money to achieve the same purpose; and for enterprises, you can reduce the cost if using OneDrive to deal with numerous data.
  • For File Version History: You can view the file version history and revert the file as soon as you want, which is very important for those who unintentionally delete some previous files.
  • For Cloud Storage System: OneDrive offers a system that you can connect to Microsoft Office, which is largely utilized by most people across the world when they work and study.

In addition, backing up Box to OneDrive is a way to prevent data loss on Box. In this way, even if the data is missing or deleted, you can recover them from OneDrive. This is extremely important for enterprises.

How to Backup Box to OneDrive Easily

Since backing up Box to OneDrive can make it easier to deal with much data, then why not? However, can we backup from Box to OneDrive? How to do it quickly? If you are struggling with this problem, you can directly use a third-party service, MultCloud, to achieve the backup task in a hassle way.


MultCloud is an excellent multiple cloud storage manager that allows users to manage multiple cloud services such as OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Photos, Flickr, etc. in only one platform. With MultCloud, you can backup Box to OneDrive in a seamless way.

MultCloud Features at a Glance:

  • Easy and Efficient Cloud to Cloud Backup. With a simple and plain interface, MultCloud is easy to use. Also, MultCloud relies on that data traffic to back up files across clouds instead of the network connection. So, don’t worry even if your internet connection is unstable.
  • Safe and Secure Backup Process. MultCloud uses OAuth Authorization System and 256-bit AES Encryption, which can prevent your account and data from hacker attacks and viruses when backing up data.
  • Various Backup Modes. MultCloud provides you with 3 different backup modes such as Complete Backup, Automatic Cloud Backup and Customized Backup Settings. Then you can choose any one that suits your situation.

So, how to backup Box to OneDrive with MultCloud? Now, you can refer to the following content to learn the detailed steps.

Step 1: Sign up for a MultCloud account. Or, you can directly sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2: Go to Add Cloud on the left taskbar, then add Box and OneDrive to grant MultCloud access.

Add Box and OneDrive
Add Box and OneDrive

Step 3: Head to Cloud Backup on the left sidebar. Then select Box as the source directory and OneDrive as the target directory. After that, press Backup Now.

Backup Box to OneDrive
Backup Box to OneDrive

See, the way to backup from Box to OneDrive is easy, right? Similarly, if you want to backup OneDrive to Box, MultCloud can also easily work it out. All you need to do is to exchange the source and target directory.


1. If you want to set automatic backup tasks, you can click Schedule on the left lower side, and set the backup tasks running at a certain date, daily, weekly or monthly. Also, if you enable the Email notification (by clicking Options), you’ll receive an email telling you the backup task is completed.

2. If your data on Box is lost somehow, don’t panic, you can go to Task List and Restore the data easily. Moreover, MultCloud provides users with the Versions feature, which means you can manage backup versions and recover certain backup data you want.

Bonus Tip: How to Sync Box with OneDrive

For better management, sometimes users want to sync Box with OneDrive. Then how can you sync data from Box to OneDrive with ease? Download and then re-upload? That’s too time-consuming. Thankfully, MultCloud allows users to sync data across clouds without any effort. Now, let’s see how MultCloud works when syncing data between clouds:

Step 1: Sign in to your MultCloud and add Box and OneDrive respectively by heading to Add Cloud.
Step 2: Go to Cloud Sync, and select Box as the source directory and OneDrive as the target directory.

Sync Box to OneDrive
Sync Box to OneDrive

MultCloud provides you with 9 different sync modes for you to choose. For example, if you choose Mirror Sync, the data on Box and OneDrive are always the same (MultCloud will delete the extra files in the target directory). Also, there are other sync modes such as Real-Time Sync, Cumulative Sync, Move Sync, etc.


1. In addition to Cloud Backup and Cloud Sync, MultCloud also offers you the Cloud Transfer feature. If you are wondering how to transfer MEGA to Dropbox effortlessly, MultCloud can do you a favor. Meanwhile, the transferring speed of MultCloud is leading in the industry.

2. The Remote Upload feature of MultCloud can also help you upload or download data from URL, torrent files and magnet links directory to any of your clouds.

In the End

Following the solution above, you can quickly backup Box to OneDrive without any effort. Anyway, as a FREE cloud file manager, MultCloud not only can back up and sync your data across clouds, but also help you manage data on different clouds in one place. For example, you can upload folder to Google Photos, download files from Google Drive, share OneDrive data with MultCloud, etc. in a seamless way.

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