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Backblaze vs Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service provided by Google. It was launched on April 24, 2012. It allows users to store files in the cloud, sync files across devices, and share files. Since Google Drive generously provides each user with 15 GB of free storage space, many people use it to store some professional and personal data.

Backblaze is a company that provides cloud storage and data backup services, offers 10 GB of free storage, and also offers unlimited storage for premium accounts. It was founded in 2007 and mainly serves the commercial and consumer sectors. In addition, Backblaze launched a new project Backblaze B2 cloud storage in September 2015, focusing on software integration for multiple types of enterprises. 

Differences between Google Drive and Backblaze B2:

  Google Drive Backblaze B2
Backblaze B2 15 GB  10 GB 
Paid version Basic: $1.99/month 100 GB
Standard: $2.99/month 200 GB
Premium: $9.99/month 2 TB
Monthly: $7 Unlimited GB
Yearly: $70 Unlimited GB
Every Two-years: $130 Unlimited GB
Maximum storage size 30 TB No limits
File versioning Yes Yes
Cost It charges relatively high for extra storage, which means it costs more. It charges less for extra storage, which means it costs less.
Data security Complete data security Better data security than Google Drive

Backblaze is a very cheap service. Personal and business plans give you unlimited storage at a low price, only Wasabi (Wasabi vs Backblaze B2) rivals Backblaze B2 cloud storage in price. Backblaze is worth checking out if you need a good deal and want an easy-to-use service.

Why Need to Backup Google Drive to Backblaze?

Due to the integration with Google Suite, Google Drive has enabled many users to enjoy both cloud file sharing and storage, and the convenience of integrating offices in one place. But Google Drive isn't perfect either. Compared to Backblaze, Google Drive has higher storage costs and lower data security.

Considering the storage cost and data security, many users will choose to back up the data in Google Drive to Backblaze. After backing up your data to Backblaze,

  • Backblaze B2 saves the information you visit. For example, you can upload only encrypted data and use a third-party integration to encrypt the data before sending it to Backblaze B2 or keep the data without encryption.
  • Additionally, data in Backblaze B2 is protected against ransomware through the use of object locks and third-party integrations, which make the data inerasable and unmodifiable for a user-defined period.

With the above protection, you can safely back up important data to Backblaze.

How to Manually Backup Google Drive to Backblaze

The common and easiest way to backup Google Drive files to Backblaze is to download and re-upload them. The steps to achieve this are very simple. Now, you can follow the detailed steps below to complete the backup task.

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Drive and find the data you want to back up.

Step 2: Select the file/folder and click "Download". Finally, the data will be downloaded to your local device.

Download from Google Drive
Download from Google Drive

Step 3: Now go to Backblaze and log in with your account. Then go to "Browse Files" to "Upload" the data you downloaded from Google Drive.

Upload to Backblaze
Upload to Backblaze

Limitations of using this method to backup Google Drive files to Backblaze:

  • The network connection needs to be in good condition at all times, otherwise, the download or upload process will be severely affected.
  • The download and upload process can be time-consuming and users need to be more patient.
  • You need to switch your accounts frequently.

To sum it up, if you only need to back up a few files or folders and don't want to resort to any third-party service, then this is the way to back up Google Drive with Backblaze.

How to Backup Google Drive to Backblaze Efficiently

This excellent third-party service, MultCloud, can help you perform the cloud-to-cloud backup efficiently. MultCloud supports more than 30 major cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Backblaze, Amazon S3, OneDrive, SharePoint, Wasabi, Google Photos, Box, etc., which not only allows users to manage data from different clouds in one place, but also helps you easily backup files from cloud to cloud.

  • Perfect Integration: Manage up to 30+ cloud drives centrally;
  • Random Migration: Do one-time or incremental migration according to your own needs;
  • Real-time Sync: Provide 10 custom sync modes to simplify collaboration;
  • Smart Backup: One-key cloud-to-cloud transfer, sync, backup.
  • Remote Upload: Directly download URLs, torrent files or magnet links to clouds.

Then, you can follow the steps below to learn how to backup Google Drive to Backblaze using MultCloud.

Step 1: Sign up for an account with MultCloud and log in.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2: Click "Add Cloud" on the left taskbar. Then move your eyes to the main interface, all the clouds supported by MultCloud are there. Next, press Google Drive and Backblaze to add them to MultCloud respectively.

Add Google Drive and Backblaze
Add Google Drive and Backblaze

Step 3: Enter "Cloud Backup", and select Google Drive as the source directory and Backblaze as the destination directory. Then click "Backup Now".

Google Drive Backup to Backblaze
Google Drive Backup to Backblaze

Note: MultCloud provides a scheduled backup feature that allows you to set up scheduled backup tasks at a specified time/day/week/month. This smart feature brings great convenience to users.

Backup Schedule
Backup Schedule

After completing the above 3 steps, you can easily and efficiently perform Google Drive to Backblaze backup. By turning to MultCloud for help, you don't need to oversee the backup process and sit in front of your computer, because MultCloud can run it in the background once a backup task is started, even if the network is disconnected or the computer is turned off. 

If you want to restore the data, you can find the backup task in the "Task List", and then select the corresponding version to restore.


Likewise, if you want to backup Google Drive to S3, you can also do so by re-selecting the source and destination directories through MultCloud.

Backup Google Drive to Amazon S3
Backup Google Drive to Amazon S3


Anyway, if you want to backup Google Drive to Backblaze, you can download it and upload it again. Alternatively, you can use an efficient cloud file manager - MultCloud, which can help you backup from cloud to cloud easily.

Besides Cloud Backup, MultCloud also provides other professional features such as Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync and Remote Upload. For example, if you want to transfer Dropbox to Backblaze, you can do so using MultCloud's "Cloud Transfer" feature.

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