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User Case: How Do I Backup my Entire SharePoint Site

“I have an Office 365 subscription for my small business and I’m looking for a way to have a backup of the files I have on my SharePoint sites. Currently, I sync them on my laptop with the OneDrive. So, I thought this could also work with Synology. Unfortunately, Synology only syncs the root folder of my OneDrive, and not the SharePoint folders. Is there a workaround here?” - from Reddit.

SharePoint Online is a collaborative cloud service for organizations and companies. It allows users to create sites to upload new items, such as videos, documents, and so on. Using SharePoint, users will find it more convenient to work with group members, which improves their work efficiency.

Why Backup SharePoint to Synology?

Backup from SharePoint to NAS
Backup from SharePoint to NAS

According to a survey, a great number of companies have taken advantage of SharePoint and considered it as the top service when working with teammates. And it’s common to save lots of important data on SharePoint. To ensure data security, it’s essential to backup SharePoint to Synology NAS since Synology works well in the following aspects:

  • Compatible with Different Devices. Different from many cloud services, Synology NAS can be available on many devices, such as Android, macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, and so on. So, no matter what device you use, you can utilize this tool easily.
  • FREE Apps and Services Supported. Synology NAS is a special cloud storage service that offers many free apps in its Package Center, including Note Station, Moments, etc. Thus, users can manage their data to the greatest extent.

Besides, Synology NAS is an excellent connection that absorbs the virtues of traditional hard drives and cloud services. And users can access their data on Synology via internet and network connection.

So, how to backup SharePoint onto Synology? Read the following content to learn 2 useful solutions and then apply the one that suits you most.

How to Backup SharePoint Online to Synology NAS Easily

With the development of cloud services, cloud file managers came into being, which aims to help users manage multiple cloud services and migrate data across each other quickly and seamlessly. And MultCloud, a smart cloud backup service, stands out among different cloud service managers.


As you can see from its name, MultCloud allows users to manage different cloud services/accounts in only one platform. It currently supports many popular cloud services in the market, such as SharePoint Online, Synology NAS, QNAP NAS, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, Google Photos, Flickr, and more.

So, after adding these cloud drives to MultCloud, users can enjoy more features and visit different services with only one click. There are two kinds of features that users can enjoy. The one is the basic functions. For instance, users can share music on Google Drive, download files from Dropbox, upload pictures to Google Photos, and so on.

The other is the advanced features such as Cloud Backup. There are many benefits to backup SharePoint to NAS via MultCloud, since:

  • Easy and Efficient. MultCloud offers a simple interface with its main features displayed on the left navigation bar. And users utilize the service without reading long and complicated tutorials. Also, MultCloud allows users to backup data directly without downloading and uploading.
  • Intelligent and Reliable. MultCloud allows users to make offline backup and scheduled backup between clouds. At the same time, it uses 256-bit AES Encryption to protect data and the backup process. So, users can back up their data securely.

Then, how to backup SharePoint Online to Synology NAS via MultCloud? You can refer to the instructions below:

Step 1: Create an account on MultCloud and then sign in. Or, you can sign in with your Facebook or Google account.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2: Click on Add Cloud on the left sidebar, and you will see all clouds that MultCloud supports. Then press the icon of the cloud you want to add. Here, you should add SharePoint and NAS.

Add SharePoint and NAS
Add SharePoint and NAS

Step 3: Head to Cloud Backup on the left navigation, and you will see two boxes in the main screen. Next, tap on the first square to select SharePoint Online, and then hit the second square to select NAS. Later, press the Backup Now tab.

Warm Tip: MultCloud can only access the Documents on SharePoint, so you might need to consider backup the rest of data on SharePoint manually. 

Backup SharePoint to NAS
Backup SharePoint to NAS

Likewise, you can utilize MultCloud to backup Dropbox to Synology NAS as well. The difference is that you need to re-select the targe on the first square.

How to Backup SharePoint Online to Synology NAS Manually

If you want to back up all data on SharePoint Online to Synology NAS, you can follow the traditional method called the download-and-upload method. And you should make sure the internet is stable when you backup Office 365 SharePoint to NAS via this solution. Here’s what you should follow:

Step 1: Sign in to your Office 365 on the web and go to SharePoint. Then locate the data you want to backup.

Step 2: Download the data on your local service.

Download from SharePoint
Download from SharePoint

Step 3: Now, head to your Synology NAS and go to File Station. Then drag and drop the data you download to it.

Drag and Dropbox to NAS
Drag and Dropbox to NAS

Compared to MultCloud, the download-and-upload method is more troublesome and time-consuming. If you have enough time and patience, you can perform this method to make a SharePoint backup to Synology NAS.

In the End

After reading, you now have learned 2 useful and easy methods to backup SharePoint Online to Synology NAS. In a nutshell, if you want to backup Documents on SharePoint to Synology NAS, using MultCloud is the quickest and easiest way. If you want to backup other data, you then need to download and upload files manually.

Meanwhile, if you use MultCloud, you can also enjoy other beneficial features it offers, such as Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, and Remote Upload. For example, you can transfer migrate Amazon S3 to Wasabi easily and quickly via the Cloud Transfer function.

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