Need to automatic backup to OneDrive

Today, more and more users stored files/folders on cloud drives such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive, etc. Because cloud drives are different from the traditional hard drives. With the cloud drives, you can access your data everywhere on any computer as only as you log in to your cloud drive’s account. It is very convenient that you do not need to bring a physical hard drives or portable drives here and there. Using cloud drive would have another advantage - you can backup/ sync files or folders to other cloud drives for sharing or backing up. For example:

I have a Google Drive and I saved a lot of photos on my Google Drive, however, my sister, who is far away from home, want to check those photos. If I backup or sync my Google Drive to her cloud drive, she would view those photos with her own account. Thus, I need to automatic backup my Google Drive to her OneDrive.

How to automatic backup to OneDrive?

Well, how to backup cloud drive to OneDrive? Here we highly recommend the OneDrive backup software MultCloud. Actually, it is not only an OneDrive backup software, but also cloud drives manager that can help you manage your cloud drives in the best status.

To automatic backup cloud drives to OneDrive, here you can follow the steps below:

1. First, you need a MultCloud account. Click Sign up in the official site. If you have MultCloud account already, click Sign in to log in. When you get into the sign up window, type in the information that needed to create your MultCloud account.

* You need to check your email sending from MultCloud for activating your account. After that, back to the official site to sign in to MultCloud.

2. Then, you can add all your cloud drives to MultCloud. Click Add Cloud Drives and select the drives list here to add it to MultCloud.

Add Cloud Drives

* As so far, MultCloud supports Google Drive, G Suite, Dropbox, Dropbox for business, OneDrive, OneDrive for business, MEGA, Amazon Cloud Drive, AmasonS3, Box, FTP, MySQL, pCloud, Mediafire, SugarSync, Egnyte, ADrive, Hidrive, Yandex, CloudMe, Cubby, MyDrive, etc.

3. When you add your cloud drives including OneDrive, you can start to automatic backup to OneDrive by clicking Cloud Sync, it will display you like the following screenshot:

Cloud Sync

  • 1). Click “CLICK SOURCE” to add the cloud drive which you need to backup/sync as the source party.
  • 2). Click “CLICK DESTINATION” to select OneDrive as the destination party so that you can backup to OneDrive successfully.

4. To automatic backup to OneDrive, here you need one more step. Click Schedule, and then, choose Once, Daily, Weekly, monthly to backup to OneDrive automatically.

Automatic Backup to OneDrive

* Schedule Sync/Backup needs you to upgrade your MultCloud account to premium. After that, you can use the Schedule option, get larger data traffic, VIP Servers, and more advanced features. It will cost-effective.

5. Save Schedule, click Sync Now to execute the task immediately.

That’s all about how to automatic backup to OneDrive with MultCloud. Hope this article can help you with your problem.

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