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User Case: What Is the Alternative to Dropbox

“I have recently found out that the data on every Dropbox account is actually not encrypted, and it can be accessed under certain situations by Dropbox staff members. This seems completely absurd. I started looking at privacy-oriented alternatives. Do you have any better recommendations? What do you use instead of Dropbox? How about Dropbox vs Wasabi?” – A question on Reddit.com

Overview of Dropbox and Wasabi


Dropbox is one of the most popular and useful file hosting services in the market, which offers users 2GB of free storage space to store various types of files, such as images, videos, audio files, documents, PDF files, and so on. Meanwhile, it offers many practical features for users to make better collaboration, such as “Dropbox file requests”, “Dropbox Transfer”, etc.


Wasabi Cloud is another practical and reliable cloud storage service that is a little similar to Amazon S3. While it is 1/5 the price of Amazon S3 and also offers fast and flexible features to each user. At the same time, Wasabi doesn’t charge any fee for API requests. Similar to Dropbox, users can store different kinds of files to Wasabi and access them anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Then, which one is better? Dropbox or Wasabi? If you are looking for an alternative to Dropbox and think file formats, file size limit, and bandwidth limit are more important, you can turn to Wasabi. Now, read the following content and check if it is a good choice to choose Wasabi Cloud.

Dropbox vs Wasabi: File Formats, File Size Limit, and Bandwidth

In this section, you will learn the comparisons between Dropbox and Wasabi in terms of file formats, file size limit and bandwidth. Now, you can keep reading to learn the details.

Wasabi vs Dropbox: File Formats

Although Dropbox supports many file formats such as images, videos, zip files, and so on. There are some kinds of file formats that Dropbox doesn’t support. When you want to preview certain items that Dropbox doesn’t support, you will receive a message reading “files can’t be previewed”. This is troublesome since you have to click it and see what kind of file it is.

Whereas Wasabi supports more file formats, which would make it easier for you to upload or preview items on your Wasabi Cloud account.

Dropbox vs Wasabi: File Size Limit

If you often visit your cloud services on the web, you are supposed to be more sensitive to file size limits. The maximum file size on Dropbox is 50GB when you upload data on Dropbox. If you are using the Dropbox client application and mobile app, then it’s unlimited.

Contrastingly, Wasabi Cloud just doesn’t have any restrictions on file size.

Dropbox vs Wasabi: Bandwidth Limit

Bandwidth Limit
Bandwidth Limit

There is a limit on bandwidth when you use Dropbox. Specifically speaking, if you are a free user, the bandwidth limit is 20GB per day; if you are a paid user, then the bandwidth limit is 200GB per day. Compared to Dropbox, Wasabi is more convenient since it has no traffic or bandwidth limit. That’s to say, it will be faster when you upload/download files on Wasabi than on Dropbox.

Bonus Tip: How to Backup Dropbox to Wasabi

As mentioned before, Dropbox staffs have access to data on the cloud in some situations. To some extent, it’s not that secure to store private data on Dropbox. If you have already saved them, then you can backup them to Wasabi and delete them on Dropbox. But, how can you backup Dropbox to Wasabi?

Traditionally, many people would download the data from Dropbox and upload it to Wasabi. This manual way works when you only have a small number of files. To ease the process, it’s better to ask a reliable cloud backup service – MultCloud for help.


MultCloud provides users with a convenient way to back up files from one cloud to another directly and efficiently. In addition to cloud backup, MultCloud is also a useful cloud file manager that allows users to manage multiple cloud services in only one platform, such as uploading, downloading, sharing, copying, renaming, etc.

Tip: After reading Dropbox vs Wasabi, some might consider utilizing both of them at the same time. Then MultCloud can help you manage them to the greatest extent.

There are some detailed benefits for backing up data from Dropbox to Wasabi via MultCloud:

  • Over 30 Cloud Service Supported. At present, MultCloud supports more than 30 major and useful cloud services in the market, including Google Drive, MEGA, Flickr, Google Photos, Amazon S3, Dropbox, pCloud, OneDrive, Google Workspace, Wasabi, and so on. So, you can add them to MultCloud and manage them without frequent account shifting.
  • Intelligent Backup Process. MultCloud offers an easier way to backup data between cloud services without a cumbersome download-and-upload process. Meanwhile, MultCloud will create a folder for backups in the target directory automatically.
  • Leading Backup Speed. MultCloud provides users with an industry-leading speed when users back up data from one cloud to another cloud. That’s to say, large files can be backed up between cloud services as quickly as possible.
  • Restore Files with Ease. If, unfortunately, data is missing on both Dropbox and Wasabi, MultCloud can restore it without costing a penny as long as you’ve backed up data between clouds with MultCloud.

So, how to backup files from Dropbox to Wasabi via MultCloud? Then refer to the following steps and have a try:

Step 1: Register a MultCloud by your email for free. Alternatively, you can sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2: Tap on the Add Cloud button. Then add Dropbox and Wasabi, respectively. Next, grant MultCloud access. 

Add Dropbox and Wasabi
Add Dropbox and Wasabi

Step 3: Now, head to the Cloud Backup tab on the left navigation bar, then select Dropbox as the source directory and Wasabi as the target directory. Finally, Backup Now

Backup Dropbox to Wasabi
Backup Dropbox to Wasabi

You will only need to perform 3 steps and files will be backed up from Dropbox to Wasabi efficiently and seamlessly. Similarly, if you want to backup Dropbox to Synology NAS, MultCloud can help you as well. All you need to do is re-select the target directory as Synology NAS.


1. On top of the common backup setting, MultCloud allows you to backup files across clouds automatically by pressing the Schedule button. Then you can set up auto tasks to run at a specific time, daily, weekly, and monthly.

2. If you only want to backup certain files from Dropbox to Wasabi, you could use the Filter feature (by pressing Options) to quickly exclude/include files with certain extensions.

Final Words

After reading the whole article, you now have a basic view of Dropbox vs Wasabi object storage and can choose to turn to Wasabi or not. Anyway, if you take file size and file formats seriously, you can use Wasabi as an alternative to Dropbox. Meanwhile, if you want to backup private and important data from Dropbox to Wasabi, you can use MultCloud to work it easily.

In addition to the Cloud Backup feature, MultCloud provides users with other practical features as well, such as Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, and Remote Upload. For instance, if you want to transfer S3 bucket to another cloud, the Cloud Transfer feature can be helpful.

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