Is MEGA OK for WordPress backup?

Backing up WordPress probably is the best thing you can do for your website, which will save you when your site gets hacked or you accidentally lock yourself out. Part of people choose to make a WordPress backup to because it offers 50GB of free online data storage, whose free capacity is much more than some other cloud drives such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Well, MEGA was created to help curb the privacy issues other cloud storage seem to be subject to. While end-to-end data encryption is a great incentive to choose MEGA. That free 50GB should certainly be your second reason.

Backup WordPress to MEGA without script editing

If you’re told that this is the only method to realize WordPress backup to MEGA... you may go crazy, especially those people who don’t have a good knowledge of computer. So another free web app which is much easier to operate will be recommended here. That’s MultCloud. As its name implies, MultCloud is a cloud manager that can combine cloud storage into one. With this tool, you just need to add your clouds in use then it’s ready for file sync/backup/transfer among them.

There have been more than 20 cloud services supported in MultCloud: Dropbox, Evernote, Flickr, Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon S3, WebDav, Google Drive, Box, SugarSync, OneDrive, CloudMe, Cubby, MyDrive, WEB.DE, Yandex, Hidrive, BaiDu, MediaFire, ownCloud, Alfresco, ADrive, hubiC, MySQL, MEGA and FTP/SFTP. By the way, it also allows you to add several accounts from the same provider, for example, combine Evernote accounts.

Steps to backup WordPress to MEGA via MultCloud

WordPress backup to MEGA, in other words, is a kind of integration of FTP and MEGA. So after creating a MultCloud account and logging in, just add your FTP and MEGA accounts one by one. (about data security)

Then as mentioned before, now you can move/backup data. Right click files in FTP and select “Copy” or “Copy to”.

Dragging them directly to MEGA works as well. Since regular backup is necessary, MultCloud offers scheduled transfer setting. Details please view under “Transfer” tab. (Update: MultCloud added Sync tab since 4.0 version.)

Tips: If you right click a specific document in MultCloud, you’ll find more options like “Upload”, “Share”, “Preview” and so on. Files shared with other people can be managed from “Shares” on the left side.

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