Why Backup WordPress to MEGA?

As a famous content management system (CMS), the WordPress allows to host and build websites. Many users choose WordPress to customize their websites to enhance user experience and boost conversions. For the great importance of the data in WordPress, it is wise to perform WordPress backup to MEGA in case that you lose hours of hard work creating your site due to an unforeseen error, attack, or failure.

For the WordPress backup task, the majority people would like to backup to MEGA.co.nz. The most important reason might be that it offers 20GB of free online data storage. It is much more attracting when compared with some other famous cloud drives such as Dropbox (2GB Free Storage), Google Drive (15GB Free Storage), etc.

How to Backup WordPress to MEGA Cloud Drive?

It might sound complicated to make a backup of WordPress to MGEA, especially when it involves editing the script. However, it can be as easy as A,B,C if you choose a proper tool. Here we highly recommend a free web app named MultCloud.

As its name suggests, MultCloud is a cloud manager that can add and manage multiple cloud storage into one place. By far, it supports more than 30 leading cloud drive, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, FTP, Evernote, Flickr, Amazon S3, WebDav, SharePoint, CloudMe, Cubby, MyDriv,etc. That is to say, you can add those cloud drives in MultCloud and make further operations.

  • Cloud Backup:backup cloud data from one cloud to another one.
  • Cloud Transfer:migrate data from one cloud to another one directly without downloading.
  • Cloud Sync: sync cloud files to another cloud or account flexibly.
  • Email Notification: send email to users when the task is done.
  • Filter: only or not back up, transfer or sync files with specific extensions.
  • Schedule: set a specific time in daily, weekly or monthly to run the task automatically.

Steps to Perform WordPress Backup to MEGA

WordPress backup to MEGA, in other words, is a kind of integration of FTP and MEGA since many users use FTP to transfer files from the computer to the WordPress Hosting Account. So, here we will show you how to back up FTP to MEGA cloud drive step by step.

▋Step 1. Create MultCloud Account

Sign up MultCloud with name and email. You can also directly log in with Google account or Facebook account.

Sign Up

▋Step 2. Add FTP and MEGA to MultCloud

Click “+Add Cloud” in the left side of MultCloud main interface

Choose FTP icon and fill relevant information and click on "Add FTP Account".


Then do as above to add MEGA cloud drive to MultCloud as well.

▋Step 3. Backup FTP to MEGA

Click  "Cloud Backup" under  "Common Tools" list.

Click the left square to select the source data in FTP, and click the right square to select the target place to store the WordPress files in MEGA cloud drive.

Back up FTP to MEGA
Backup FTP to MEGA

Click "Backup Now" in the lower right corner to start the task.

Through those steps, you can easily backup WordPress to MEGA if you are using the FTP to transfer files to the WordPress hosting.

Apart from the "Cloud Backup", "Cloud Transfer" and "Cloud Sync". the MultCloud also comes with “Remote Upload”, which allows you to directly transfer files from Links, Torrents, Magnets to your cloud drive. Besides, it is also able to help share files to another via links, and three share methods are available to choose from: Public Share (anyone who gets the link can view the file), Private Share (others need to enter passwords to view the files) and Source Share (Create a sharing link of the source cloud drive).



After reading this post, you should know what’s the easiest way to perform WordPress backup to MEGA. Since MultCloud supports 30+ famous cloud drives, you can also apply the above steps to backup OneDrive to Dropbox, or other cloud services. If you are a business owner and have created multiple business cloud account, you can try the “Team Transfer” that enables you to transfer multiple accounts from one cloud platform to another.

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