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User Case: Can I Download from Dropbox to Synology


Bit of a backward question to the one that's usually posed: I'm interested in downloading the files from my Dropbox account to my Synology NAS, with the goal of eventually using the NAS as an cloud backup service. Is there an easier way to do this than downloading to my computer and then transferring the files via external HDD to the Synology NAS? - A Question from Reddit.com

Why Backup Dropbox to Synology NAS?

Backup Dropbox to NAS
Backup Dropbox to NAS

Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage service for users to store different kinds of data. With this service, users not only can access and manage their data anytime/anywhere/on any devices, but also collaborate with friends and colleagues without any effort. And Synology NAS is another amazing storage service that connects the traditional hard drive and modern cloud technology and takes advantage of their merits. This service is both for homes users and businesses, which is very convenient and cost-effective in the long run. 

Though Dropbox works well in most situations, sometimes errors and technical bugs that haven’t been fixed happen, which could lead to your important data be missing somehow. In this situation, you can back up Dropbox to Synology NAS for the following reasons:

  • Prevent Data from Lost. Backing up Dropbox data to Synology NAS can add a layer to protect your data. In this way, even though the source data is missing caused by bugs, you can still find your precious data backup on Synology NAS.
  • Cost-Effective in the long term. Though users will be fairly charged a lot when they start this service at the very beginning, it is cost-effective over time compared to Dropbox.
  • Access by the Internet and Your Network. Synology NAS can be accessed by the Internet and even your network, which would be considerably faster and more stable for you to upload/download files.

Anyway, backing up Dropbox to Synology NAS can create a relatively secure platform for users to manage their various files together. But, here comes the question: how to backup Dropbox to NAS easily and quickly? In this article, there’re 3 useful methods for your reference. Please keep reading!

How to Backup Dropbox to Synology NAS Efficiently

The easiest and quickest way to complete Dropbox backup to Synology NAS is to use an excellent cloud to cloud backup service – MultCloud. As a brilliant cloud file manager, MultCloud offers users a comprehensive platform for users to manage multiple cloud services such as iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, Google Photos, Dropbox, NAS, Amazon S3, OneDrive, Google Drive, Flickr, MEGA, etc.


MultCloud allows users to perform many basic functions, like uploading files to any cloud, (e.g.: if you are irritated about the Dropbox slow upload issue, you can upload files directly with MultCloud), sharing files and folders, renaming, deleting, etc. Moreover, users can enjoy advanced features such as Cloud Backup.

The Reasons Why Choose MultCloud to backup Dropbox to Synology NAS:

  • A Web-based Service. MultCloud is a web-based service and you don’t need to install any app on your devices, which saves your storage space to some extent. Meanwhile, MultCloud has a Chrome, which is convenient to add and use.
  • Filter Certain Data as Quickly as Possible. If you don’t want to back up the whole Dropbox, the Filter feature of MultCloud can easily exclude/include the data with certain extensions. And then you can choose which data to back up.
  • Backup without Any Effort. Commonly, only 3 steps are needed when you want to backup data from one cloud to another. Also, the backup speed is competitive and the backup tasks will be finished quickly.
  • Restore Easily without Any Worries. MultCloud not only offers users the Restore feature to recover data, but also provides a Versions function to help users to recover a certain version of the data.

Then, How do I copy Dropbox to Synology? Let’s figure out way steps to backup Dropbox to Synology NAS with MultCloud:

Step 1: Create an account of MutlCloud. Or, you can log in with your Facebook/Google account directly.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2: Go to Add Cloud, then add Dropbox and NAS respectively by pressing the icon and following the instructions on the pop-up window.

Add Dropbox and NAS
Add Dropbox and NAS

Step 3: Click the Cloud Backup button, then choose Dropbox as the source directory and NAS as the target directory. Next, hit the Backup Now tab.

Backup Dropbox to NAS
Backup Dropbox to NAS

After starting the backup process, MultCloud will run it in the background. That’s to say, even if the connection is interrupted or your computer shuts down suddenly, the backup task will not be affected. Furthermore, you can make scheduled backup tasks by hitting the Schedule button under the first box. Specifically, you can set up backup tasks to run at a specified date, daily, weekly, or monthly. This feature is strikingly useful for those who are very busy.

  • Smart: MultCloud provides efficient and user-friendly backup capabilities, enabling the direct and hassle-free transfer of files between various cloud drives.
  • Efficient: MultCloud boasts industry-leading backup speeds, ensuring rapid file transfers between different cloud services.
  • Secure: MultCloud features cutting-edge encryption technology, safeguarding your data from potential leaks.

Warm Tips:

1. If you want to sync Dropbox with NAS, you can ask the Cloud Sync feature of MultCloud for help, which can help sync data in a hassle-free way.

2. If you want to backup NAS to Dropbox, you can also use MultCloud to complete the task easily.

How to Backup Dropbox to Synology NAS Manually

If you don’t want to use MultCloud to achieve the backup task, you can use the traditional ways to deliver the goal. In this part, 2 common ways are provided.

Way 1: Download and Re-upload

You can directly go to your Dropbox to download the data you want to back up, and then upload the data to Synology NAS. However, the download-and-upload process is troublesome and time-consuming. Meanwhile, you have to make sure the network keeps well during the process. Here’s what you should do:

Step 1: Log in to your Dropbox and tick the files/folders you want to back up.
Step 2: Press the Download button on the upper taskbar. Then the data will be downloaded to your local devices.

Download from Dropbox
Download from Dropbox

Step 3: Now, head to your Synology NAS on the web and launch the File Station. Then select a directory, and drag and drop your Dropbox folder to the interface of Synology NAS.

Upload File to NAS
Upload File to NAS

Way 2: Use Synology Cloud Sync

In addition to the download-and-upload method, Synology NAS offers a professional feature called Synology Cloud Sync. This service can help sync files across clouds, which is equivalent to backup files to some extent. So, how do I sync my Dropbox to a network drive? You can refer to the following content to learn the detailed operations:

Step 1: Launch your Synology NAS and go to the Package Center to install Cloud Sync. Then open it.

Open Cloud Sync
Open Cloud Sync

Step 2: Press the + icon on the left lower side. Then click Dropbox and grant Synology access to it. Then press Next.

Select Dropbox on Cloud Sync
Select Dropbox on Cloud Sync

Step 3: Fill in the boxes. Firstly, name the task in the box of Connection name.

  • Local path: Choose a folder where you want to sync your Dropbox data to. Or, you can simply create a new folder.
  • Remote path: If you want to sync all data from Dropbox to Synology NAS, then the Root folder is fine by default; if you want to sync certain data on Dropbox, you can click the folder icon to specify the certain data on Dropbox to sync.
  • Sync direction: If you want to sync Dropbox to Synology NAS, choose Download remote changes only.

After that, click Next.

Complete Boxes on Cloud Sync
Complete Boxes on Cloud Sync

Note: This method seems to be feasible and useful. However, as mentioned before, it is Cloud Sync instead of Backup. Thus, if the Dropbox data that you’ve synced to Synology NAS disappears, you cannot restore the missing data as easily as you use MultCloud to backup from Dropbox to Synology NAS.

In the End

Anyway, when it comes to backup Dropbox to Synology NAS, you can use the download-and-upload solution, utilize the Synology Cloud Sync, or turn to a useful third-party service – MultCloud. Now, you can choose any solution to achieve the backup tasks.

Except for the Cloud Backup and Cloud Sync features, MultCloud also offers you other advanced features like Cloud Transfer and Remote Upload. For example, if you want to transfer MEGA to Dropbox, the Cloud Transfer feature can work it out efficiently. Similar to the Cloud Backup feature, you can enjoy the competitive transfer speed and make offline transfer between cloud drives.

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