Why Backup Google Drive?

“I have been used Google Drive for years and it contains many important data, family photos, work files, business contacts, etc. Now I want to back up all my files in Google Drive to another cloud (OneDrive). Any know how can do it? Or is there any Google Drive backup software or service recommended?”

Google Drive
Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud drives nowadays. It provides reliable cloud storage service for both personal and business owner to keep all their confidential files / folder safe. To add extra security to the data, some users would like to back up all Google Drive files to external hard drive, or to another reliable cloud drive (as the above user wish) like OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Besides, the urgent needto back up Google Drive arises may also for the following reasons:

  • Easy to recover accidentially or intentianllay deleted data in Google Drive
  • Get more access to Google Drive files during ransomware or app crashes
  • Delete source data in Google Drive after backup to release more cloud space

Best Free Google Drive Backup Software

No matter what makes you plan to back up Google Drive content, it might be quite challenging to find the right software since there are countless Google Drive backup service available over the internet and each has their own different features. To make your choice much easier, we have tested several famous and top cloud back up software and picked out the best Google Drive backup service.

MultCloud, an excellent multiple cloud manager, enables users to add many clouds into this one platform and manage it together. User can upload / delete /rename /share files or folders in cloud drive, just as you do in the official site. Besides those basic operation, it even allows users to directly transfer data from one cloud to another without downloading and uploading, syncing cloud data. As for backing up Google Drive, its “Cloud Backup” can satisfy the need well.

  • 30+ Cloud Supported: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega, etc.
  • Schedule Backup: set a time in daily, weekly, or monthly to back up automatically.
  • Filter: only back up or not back up files with specific extensions.
  • Offline: transfer cloud data without going through local device.

Steps to Back up Google Drive Files to Another Cloud

Next is a step-by-step guide on how to back up Google Drive to another cloud (here we choose the Dropbox as an example). MultCloud is a web-based service so that you don’t need to download and install anything. You just need to open your browser and visit the official site.

Every user can free get 5GB traffic data each month. To get more traffic data, please upgrade the account.

Step 1. Log in MultCloud. Free create an account or you can directly log in with your Google or Facebook account.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Add Google Drive to MultCloud. Click on “Add Clouds” and select Google Drive. Then follow the onscreen instruction to allow MultCloud to access your Google Drive account.

Step 3. Add destination cloud drive to MultCloud. Just do as what you did in the Step 2.

Add Google Drive and Dropbox
Add Google Drive and Dropbox

Step 4. Back up Google Drive to Dropbox. Click on "Cloud Backup". Choose the whole Google Drive or some files and folders in Google Drive as the source, which select Dropbox or a folder in Dropbox as the destination.

Back up Google Drive to Dropbox
Back up Google Drivet to Dropbox
If you just want to back up files with certain extension, you can click on "Options"> "Filter".
To receive email notifications when the task is done, click on "Options">"Email".
To back up Google Drive files to the destination cloud at regular intervals, you can go for "Schedule".

Step 5. Finally, click on “Back up Now” to start the process.

To monitor the entire process of backing up Google drive, hit on "Task List" in the left sidebar. Click the menu button and you can manage "Versions" of your backup or "Restore" the backup.

Backup Version
Back up Version

Bonus tip: Back up Google Drive to Local Storage

Above is how to back up Google Drive to another cloud drive via the best free Google Drive backup software (MultCloud). However, some users might want to back up Google Drive content to local storage. To finish such a task, there is also a profeessional and reliable backup software: AOMEI Backupper.

This is a Windows PC and Server data backup tool, allowing to back up, sync, clone hard drive data. To back up Google Drive files to Windows local storage, you can do as following.

Step 1. Install and run AOMEI Backupper. Click “Sync” tab and then “Basic Sync”.

File Sync
File Sync

Step 2. Click “Add Folder” to select the Google Drive folders you’d like to sync or backup to local storage. (If you intend to back up to external hard drive, please connect it to your computer and make sure it is detected.)

Add Folder
Add Folder

Step 3. Then, click the blank bar below to select the local hard drive as the destination location.

Step 4. Finally, you can click “Start Sync”.

To set automatic file sync, click Schedule Sync and from here you can choose to sync your Google Drive files daily, weekly, or monthly.

Schedule Sync
Schdule Sync


This post introduces two Google Drive Backup software: MultCloud and AOMEI Backupper, covering the needs of backing up Google Drive to another cloud drive or local storage space. If you are used to saving data to mainstream clouds, the MultCloud can best help manage all clouds. It can transfer, back up , sync data across clouds online without going through your computer., Besides, it also allows you to remote upload content from URL, Torrents, Magnets to cloud drive without downloading.

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