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Overview of Google Photos

Google Photos
Google Photos

Google Photos is a handy and excellent cloud storage service for users to stash pictures and videos. Although Google Photos canceled the unlimited storage space for compressed photos, it remains popular and impressive for its unmatched Search, Online Editing as well as Sharing features. With 15GB of free storage space, Google Photos is fairly adequate for people’s daily use.

Why Backup Google Photos to Another Account?

When using Google Photos, whether it’s for personal amateur users or professional photographers, backing photos from Google Photos to another account is of great importance for the following reasons:

  • Data Security. When it comes to protecting data, data backup is the most essential way. That’s to say, even if the original photos on one Google Photos are lost, users can recover them from another Google Photos account with ease.
  • Control Cost. Imagine losing your precious images on Google Photos without any backup. Then you have to turn to specialized staff for help. In this case, you’ll be charged a lot. However, if you have backups on another Google Photos account, you don’t need to spend money to restore your images. 

Anyway, making Google Photos backup to different account is the most cost-effective way to keep your data safe. Then, how to back up from Google Photos to another account? There are 3 different methods for your reference. And you can read the following content to learn the detailed steps.

How to Backup Google Photos to Another Account Automatically

For backup from Google Photos to another account, the most efficient way should be switching to an excellent third-party service, MultCloud. It is specialized in cloud to cloud backup, which helps users to backup files from one cloud account to another account (or from one cloud to another cloud) easily.


Currently, MultCloud supports over popular cloud services such as Google Photos, OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr, MEGA, Box, pCloud, FTP, etc., and allows users to manage those multiple cloud drives in only one platform. For instance, you can download files directly to cloud.

  • Manage Multiple Clouds in One Place. Support over 30 cloud services FREE, allowing users to manage and backup data across different clouds in only one platform with one login.
  • Safe and Secure. MultCloud won’t record data on any of your clouds with the 256-bit AES Encryption technology to prevent your data from attacking during the backup process.
  • Leading Backup Speed. Ensure a leading backup speed (up to 10 threads for data transfer) and complete backup tasks as quickly as possible.
  • Schedule Backup: set a specific time in daily, weekly or monthly to back up Google Photos to another account automatically.

Now, you can refer to the following operations to learn how to backup Google Photos to another account by using MultCloud.

Step 1: Visit the official website of MultCloud and register an account for free.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2: Press Add Cloud on the left taskbar, then add Google Photos by hitting the icon and follow the instructions shown to you. Next, add another Google Photos account. Here, we use Google Photos 1 and Google Photos 2 as examples.

Add Google Photos
Add Google Photos

Step 3: Head to Cloud Backup under Common Tools, and configure Google Photos 1 as the source directory and Google Photos 2 as the target directory. Finally, tap Backup Now.

Backup Google Photos1 to Google Photos2
Backup Google Photos1 to Google Photos2

Similarly, if you plan to backup Dropbox to Google Drive, you can select the source and target directory on Step 3. Then MultCloud will run the task in the background efficiently without affecting performance, even though your computer is switched off suddenly.

There’re other advanced features you can enable, such as Scheduled Backup. For instance, if you are tired of setting schedule tasks manually, you can make auto backup and let it run at a specific time/daily/weekly/monthly.

Backup Schedule
Backup Schedule

In addition to Cloud Backup, the Cloud Transfer feature of MultCloud is also helpful when you want to transfer Google Photos to another account, this feature can work it out effortlessly.

2 Ways: Backup Google Photos to Another Account Manually

There’re two basic methods to complete Google Photos backing up to a different account: by using the download-and-upload method and the Share feature of Google Photos.

Way 1: Download and Re-upload

If there’re only a few photos you want to back up from one Google Photos account to another, and you don't want to use any third-party service, you can download the photos from Google Photos 1 and then upload those images to Google Photos 2. The steps are very simple:

Step 1: Log in to your Google Photos 1 on the web and select the photos you want to back up.
Step 2: Hit the 3 dots icon on the top right side to select the Download tab. Then these selected images will be downloaded to your local devices.

Download from Google Photos
Download from Google Photos

Step 3: Now, sign in to your Google Photos 2 and Upload those pictures to it.

Upload to Google Photos
Upload to Google Photos

Note: Backing up Google Photos to another account by this method will consume much of your time. Meanwhile, the internet connection needs to be well continuously during the backup process.

Way 2: By the Share Feature of Google Photos

Using the Share feature can also help backup data from Google Photos to another account. Here’s what you should follow:

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Photos 1 and select the pictures you want to backup.
Step 2: Click the Share icon on the upper right side.

Share Photos on Google Photos
Share Photos on Google Photos

Step 3: Then add the account of your Google Photos 2 to share the selected photos. 

Add Account
Add Account

Step 4: Now, visit your Google Photos 2 and press the Add to Album tab to add those photos to your Google Photos 2. In this way, your photos will be backed up successfully on Google Photos 2.

Note: This method seems feasible and convenient. However, it would make the recovering process harder if the source photos are missing. Because you have to manually recover the lost photos from Google Photos 2 to Google Photos 1. Instead, if you use MultCloud, you can restore the missing photos to the original location with 2-3 simple steps.


After reading the whole guide, you now can backup Google Photos to another account automatically or manually as you like. In a summary, you can use the download-and-upload solution, utilize the Share feature of Google Photos, or ask MultCloud for help.

Apart from Cloud Backup and Cloud Transfer features that have been mentioned before, MultCloud also offers you the Cloud Sync and Remote Upload features. For example, if you want to upload file vie URL directly, you can use the Remote Upload feature.

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