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Overview of Google Photos and OneDrive

With the proliferation of daily data in people’s life in the digital world, there is a huge demand for cloud services. Under this background, major technology companies worldwide have launched different cloud drives for users to choose. Thereinto, Google Photos and OneDrive are two of the most popular ones.

Google Photos
Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the most professional cloud services for photos and videos. It offers a convenient way for users to store and access precious pictures and videos anywhere/anytime. With 15GB of free storage space, Google Photos provides users with many wonderful features, including Archive, creating Albums, Search for certain photos, Edit online, etc.


OneDrive is an attractive and brilliant cloud storage solution for all types of users, such as students and professionals. With deep integration with Office, Skype, Outlook and OneNote, OneDrive allows users to create and edit documents and collaborate with team workers without any effort.

Why Backup Google Photos to OneDrive?

Even though Google Photos works well at most times, it’s not secure to back up your precious images and important videos in only one place. Awful problems happen on Google Photos sometimes, like the “Google Photos lost photos” issue, the “Google Photos keeps crashing” issue, etc. To better protect your data, backing up Google Photos to OneDrive is a suggested way because:

  • OneDrive supports many types of files, such as JPEG, JPG, TIF, TIFF, GIF, PNG, RAW, BMP, etc. and can store your photos and videos from Google Photos, which makes it easier to manage those different types of data in only one app.
  • OneDrive is the best choice for those who are utilizing Microsoft Office during study and work.

Therefore, it’s better to backup from Google Photos to OneDrive. Then, someone would ask “how do I backup my Google Photos to Microsoft OneDrive”.

Luckily, this article shows you 3 major ways. The one is the most efficient one, namely using a third-party service; the other two are basic ways, namely the download-and-upload method and using Google Takeout.

Novel Way: Backup Google Photos to OneDrive with MultCloud

MultCloud is a cloud to cloud backup application that not only allows users to backup data from one cloud to another directly, but also connects multiple cloud services such as Google Photos, OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, Flickr, Box, pCloud, Google Drive, etc. to only one platform. There are many benefits when using MultCloud to backup data across clouds.

  • MultCloud is a FREE service that is full of great features and tools, including uploading, downloading, sharing, renaming, copying, etc. in each cloud. For example, you can upload files to MEGA, share Google Drive folder and so on.
  • MultCloud is Professional in cloud-to-cloud backup and users can easily achieve the backup tasks in a convenient and seamless way.
  • MultCloud is a web-based service, so users don’t need to install any app that will take up storage space on their devices and can access and manage their cloud drives from different devices such as computer/Mac/Android phone/iPhone.
  • Data is Recoverable by using MultCloud to backup from one cloud to another, which is so intelligent. In this way, even though your data from the source cloud is lost, you can still restore it easily.

So, how to backup Google Photos to OneDrive with MultCloud? Let’s figure it out.

Step 1: Create a MultCloud account for free. Alternatively, you can authorize login directly through your Facebook or Google account.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2: Press Add Cloud on the left sidebar, and add Google Photos and OneDrive respectively.

Add OneDrive and Google Photos
Add OneDrive and Google Photos

Step 3: Head to Cloud Backup, and select Google Photos as the source directory and OneDrive as the target directory. Then tap Backup Now.

Backup Google Photos to OneDrive
Backup Google Photos to OneDrive

Likewise, if you want to backup OneDrive to Google Drive, MultCloud can easily achieve that task with only 3 steps. Also, you can set up Scheduled Backup if you are busy. This feature allows you to backup data between clouds at a regulated time/daily/weekly/monthly (Schedule).

Apart from that, the backup speed of MultCloud is competitive in the market, which can complete the backup tasks as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, once the backup begins, MultCloud can run the task in the background and will not be affected by the network connection. This is because MultCloud is relying on data traffic (5GB monthly data traffic for free) to backup data.

Common Way: Backup Google Photos to OneDrive Manually

On top of using MultCloud to back up Google Photos to OneDrive, you can still use the traditional ways to achieve the goal. However, both two solutions below require much patience and will consume much of your time. If you don’t mind or only have a few files to back up, you can have a try anyway.

Way 1: Download and Upload

The download-and-upload method is the commonest way to backup data from Google Photos to OneDrive. By using this method, you should make sure the network connection always keeps well during the process. Here’s what you should follow:

Step 1: Go to your Google Photos and select the photos/videos you want to back up.
Step 2: Hit the 3-vertical-dots icon on the top right side, then click Download. In this way, images/videos will be downloaded to your local devices.

Download from Google Photos
Download from Google Photos

Step 3: Log in to your OneDrive, and click the Upload tab to transfer the data from your local devices to OneDrive.

Upload to OneDrive
Upload to OneDrive

Way 2: Use Google Takeout

Using Google Takeout to export data on Google Photos is more convenient, compared to downloading one by one manually. This technical service allows users to export data from Google products, such as Google Drive, Google Photos, YouTube, etc. at one time. Now, you can follow the step-by-step operations below to backup Google Photos to OneDrive manually:

Step 1: Go to Google Takeout and scroll down your cursor to select Google Photos. Then press Next step.

Check Google Photos and Click Next Step
Check Google Photos and Click Next Step

Step 2: Then choose the file type, frequency and destination respectively. Next, click Create export.

Create Export
Create Export

Step 3: Now, sign in to your OneDrive again, and upload what you have exported from Google Takeout.

Using Google Takeout to export data seems to be quick, but there’re some limitations:

  • This process can take a long time (possibly hours or days) to complete, depending on the size of your data.
  • The exporting process fails sometimes and Google Takeout offers no reason, which would make you so confused.
  • The maximum limit for a file download is 50GB per day, which means there is a limit if you want to download large data.


When it comes to backup Google Photos to OneDrive, you can try any methods above according to your own situation. To sum up, you can use the download-and-upload method, utilize Google Takeout, or use MultCloud to backup data between clouds directly.

In addition to Cloud Backup, MultCloud provides users with other enjoyable functions, including Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, and Remote Upload. For instance, if you want to transfer photos from one Google account to another, the Cloud Transfer feature can do you a favor.

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