Can I Link Two OneDrive Accounts?

This is a question raised by users who use multiple OneDrive accounts. It is no wonder that they asked such a question. For one thing, OneDrive is a big brand among cloud services with 500 million registered users and many users even have more than one account out of various reasons. For another, due to the limitation that users aren't allowed to use several OneDrive accounts at the same time on one computer, users try hard to find ways to merge OneDrive accounts to save time and energy without switching accounts when working or studying.

Back to the question above, can users link OneDrive accounts? Yes! A free third-party tool will be introduced in the following part to help you achieve the goal.

How to Merge OneDrive Accounts with MultCloud?

MultCloud is a free multiple cloud manager that supports more than 30 cloud services that include Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Photos, Flickr, etc. It provides excellent management for users who have multiple clouds, so you can quickly manage your OneDrive accounts. Now, let's see how it works.

Step 1. Sign up

To make use of MultCloud, you need to Create an account.


Sign Up
Sign Up


Step 2. Add clouds

Add your two OneDrive accounts one by one.


Add OneDrive
Add OneDrive Accounts to MultCloud


Step 3. Link OneDrive Accounts

Click on "Cloud Explorer" on the tab and you can see your accounts on the interface. After following three steps mentioned above, you can use these clouds simultaneously without changing accounts.


Cloud Explorer
Link Multiple OneDrive Accounts on Same Computer


Transfer and Sync between OneDrive accounts via MultCloud

Except for multiple clouds management, MultCloud works well in cloud transfer and cloud sync. You can follow the following part to quickly transfer and sync your OneDrive accounts if you need.

Cloud Transfer

It is easy to transfer from one OneDrive to another with the help of MultCloud. Just click on "Cloud Transfer" button and select one account as the source and another as the destination, and after clicking on “Transfer Now”, you can achieve your demand.


Transfer OneDrive to OneDrive
Transfer between OneDrive Accounts


Cloud Sync

With "Cloud Sync" feature, you can sync two OneDrive accounts in simple steps. Click on "Cloud Sync" icon, select one OneDrive as the source and another account as the target. Finally, click on "Sync Now" to complete the operation.


Sync OneDrive to OneDrive
Sync between OneDrive Accounts


Final Words

You may have known how to link OneDrive accounts via MultCloud after reading the paper. Besides multiple clouds management, "Cloud Transfer" and "Cloud Sync" features mentioned above, MultCloud offers free service in "Cloud Explorer" function which include "Share", "Upload", "Download" feature. Through "Cloud Explorer", you can quickly copy files to multiple folders or perform secure file sharing and other operations. Click here to know more details.

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