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User Case: Can I Move or Transfer Files from SharePoint to OneDrive?


Can I move or sync files from SharePoint Online to OneDrive? Every new file needs to be uploaded to OneDrive manually. Can anyone tell me how to do this quickly and efficiently?

- Question from a community


Option 1. Automatically Move Files from SharePoint to OneDrive via Cloud File Manager

If you want to quickly move SharePoint files to OneDrive while keeping your data safe, we recommend you to try a professional multiple cloud storage manager, MultCloud. With this tool, you can directly transfer files or folders from one cloud to another without frequently switching between two cloud accounts, and without downloading and re-uploading.


Why is MultCloud an excellent and suitable SharePoint to OneDrive migration tool? Because it has the following features and advantages:

  • 🏵️Supports over 30+ leading cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Google Workspace, SharePoint, Wasabi, OneDrive, Google Photos, MEGA, iCloud Photos, Amazon S3, and more, so you can manage multiple cloud storage accounts in one place.
  • 🪻Directly connect two or more cloud accounts and easily complete cloud-to-cloud transfers. This way, you no longer need to download files from one cloud before uploading them to another.
  • 🌺Even if your computer is turned off, MultCloud can still run the cloud file migration tasks you set.
  • 🌻Up to 10 threads are provided to transfer multiple files at once, which will greatly improve your work efficiency.
  • 🌷The "Filter" feature helps you exclude certain types of files or include only specified types of files when performing a transfer.
  • 🌼When you encounter a favorite movie or audio file, as long as you have the corresponding URLs, torrent files or magnet links, you can use "Remote Upload" to parse it directly to the cloud drive, such as download torrent files directly to MEGA cloud.
  • 🌸10 sync modes, such as "Real Time Sync", "One-way Sync", "Two-way Sync", "Simple Sync", "Mirror Sync", and "Move Sync", can help you easily sync files between SharePoint and OneDrive.

Now, follow the steps below to quickly and securely transfer data from SharePoint to OneDrive.

Step 1. Sign Up for MultCloud

MultCloud is an online cloud storage manager, to use it, first, you must create an account.

Create an Account
Create an Account

Step 2. Add SharePoint Online and OneDrive Accounts to MultCloud

After creating an account, log into their platform. In the main panel, click the "Add Cloud" tab at the top and select the cloud brand you want to include. Then, follow the simple guide to finish adding the clouds.

Add SharePoint and OneDrive
Add SharePoint and OneDrive

Note: You can only add one cloud account at a time. So, you should add other clouds by repeating the process.

Step 3. Move Files from SharePoint to OneDrive Using Cloud Transfer

Now, go to the "Cloud Transfer" tab and specify the source and destination as SharePoint Online and OneDrive or folders within them, respectively. Finally, click on "Transfer Now" and wait for the process to complete.

Transfer SharePoint to OneDrive
Transfer SharePoint to OneDrive


  • "Cloud Transfer" not only lets you transfer individual files from SharePoint to a OneDrive account, but also transfers all files from SharePoint to OneDrive.
  • If you need to delete source files after migrating SharePoint to OneDrive, simply check "Delete all source files after transfer is complete" in the "Options" window.
  • If required, you can set OneDrive as a source and SharePoint as a destination to migrate files from OneDrive to SharePoint.
  • If you have very large data to transfer, for super-fast transfer speed, you can upgrade your account to a premium account, so MultCloud uses 10 threads to transfer your files across clouds.

If you just want to copy a single file and folder from SharePoint to OneDrive, you can use the basic functions provided by MultCloud for editing files on a cloud drive: Copy or Copy to. You just need to enter the folder path in the SharePoint site, select the file or folder to be moved, then select "Copy to" in the pop-up window, and finally select the folder path in OneDrive.

Copy Options in SharePoint
Copy Options in SharePoint

If you choose the "Copy" function, after the copy is successful, you need to manually go to the OneDrive path and right-click on the blank space to select "Paste" to copy.

Option 2. Move Files from SharePoint to OneDrive via "Move to"

When you want to share files with different teams, or even give ownership to other teams, you can move (or copy) files between OneDrive for work or school and a Microsoft SharePoint site. You can move (or copy) files and folders from OneDrive to SharePoint, and from SharePoint to OneDrive, within or between SharePoint sites.

Step 1. Sign in to your Office 365 account, then click the app icon and select SharePoint.
Step 2. Find the file you want to move to OneDrive. To select a file, click/check the box to the left of the file title.
Step 3. Click the show actions icon. Then select "Move to".  

Move To
Move To

Step 4. Click "My Files" in the pop-up window. Then select one of the paths, and finally click "Move here".

Move Files to OneDrive Folder
Move Files to OneDrive Folder

Option 3. Manually Move Files from SharePoint to OneDrive

The most common way to migrate SharePoint files to OneDrive is to manually move the content to OneDrive. This method works when there is not much data to move. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Go to the SharePoint application or web page and find the data you want to move.
Step 2. Select a file or folder and download it to your local storage device via the "Download" option.  

Download Files from SharePoint
Download Files from SharePoint

Step 3. Go to OneDrive and manually upload the downloaded data to a folder in OneDrive.

Upload Files to OneDrive
Upload Files to OneDrive

The main disadvantage of manual migration is that the metadata of the content is not copied to OneDrive. This means details such as the creation and modification dates cannot be changed.


Following any of the above methods, you can move files from SharePoint to OneDrive. You can save a lot of time if you choose the efficient way MultCloud offers. In addition to the "Cloud Transfer" feature, MultCloud also enables easy cloud-to-cloud sync via "Cloud Sync". If you're syncing SharePoint to OneDrive, you can take advantage of this feature.

As a web-based application, MultCloud requires no download and installation. You only need to enter MultCloud from the browser to register an account, and then log in to use the 5 powerful functions provided by MultCloud: Cloud Transfer, Team Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, and Remote Upload.

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