Definition to Cloud to Cloud Transfer

To make it easy to understand, cloud to cloud transfer refers to migrate or move files from one cloud drive to another. That is to say, transfer files between cloud storage. It can be transferring files within the same cloud brand and just from one account to another account like from one Google Drive to another Google Drive; it can also be taking away files from one brand cloud to another brand, such as transfer data from OneDrive to Google Drive.

Why Transfer Files from Cloud to Cloud?

Why need to transfer files from cloud to cloud? The reason is different for different cloud users and different for the same person in different situations. In general, there are several common reasons listed as below:

  • The first cloud account (usually free account) is running out of storage space while there are a large amount of quota in the destination account.
  • The owner is going to abandon the source cloud and replace it with a new one.
  • A copy is made for some crucial data on source cloud storage and user want to save the copy to another place in case of accidental loss of source files.
  • People just want to have a better management of their data and save a certain kind of data in another cloud.

How to Do Cloud to Cloud Transfer For Free?

Having known that what cloud to cloud transfer is and the necessity of transfer files between cloud services, then, how to transfer files from cloud to cloud for free? Here in this post, you will find 2 free and easy ways to transfer files between cloud storage services. Let's see how to make it with 2 given solutions.

Solution 1. Cloud to Cloud Transfer with "Download" and "Upload"

When been asked about the above question, most people will think about the download and upload features of cloud drive. That is, first of all download target files from source cloud to local device (computer, desktop, laptop, notebook, pad, phone, etc.) and then upload these files from local storage to destination cloud storage. This method is easy and all users know how to do it, so I will not elaborate it here.

After users use this method for a while, they find it boring and inconvenient. When a large amount of data needs to be transferred from cloud A to cloud B and there is not enough local space as transmission space to store these files, you may wonder why not directly transfer from Cloud A to Cloud B? Can this be achieved? Is there a way to realize cloud-to-cloud file transfer?

Luckily, second solution, MultCloud, can help you resolve above problem perfectly no matter how big your data is and no matter how poor your network is.

Solution 2. Cloud to Cloud File Transfer with MultCloud

To directly transfer files from one cloud to another, you need to reply on a third party service, MultCloud. As a free cloud transfer manager, MultCloud can help put multiple clouds into one place. Currently, it supports more than 30+ leading cloud storage providers, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, Flickr, etc. The following are the corn functions of MultCloud:

  • $0 for more free cloud space. Consolidate all available cloud storage in any cloud to "scale" more available space for your use.
  • Convenient all-in-one cloud manager. Integrate your multiple cloud storage services in one place to batch transfer/synchronize files across different clouds.
  • Meet all cloud data management needs.< Manage, transfer and sync your cloud data across multiple clouds in a simple, fast and secure way.
  • Share any cloud file at will. Break through the limitations of the cloud and give you complete freedom to share all your cloud content at will.
  • Prevent cloud data loss. Schedule automatic cloud-to-cloud syncs on a regular basis to keep your cloud drive data secure.

The following will take migrating Dropbox to OneDrive as an example.

Step 1. Create one MultCloud account. It's free of charge.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Add Dropbox and OneDrive accounts to MultCloud by clicking "Add Cloud" button.

Add Dropbox and OneDrive
Add Dropbox and OneDrive

Step 3. Migrate from Dropbox to OneDrive with "Cloud Transfer". Click on "Cloud Transfer" button, select your Dropbox account as the source, select OneDrive as the destination, tap on "Transfer Now" and you will see the task starts.

Transfer Dropbox to OneDrive
Migrate Data from Dropbox to OneDrive


  • You can do some personal settings to this task in Options. If you do not want to keep the original files after transmission, make sure to check “Delete all source files after transfer is complete”.
Delete All Source Files after Trasnsfer is Complete
Delete All Source Files after Trasnsfer is Complete
  • You can also set a schedule to let it automatically migrate files from source location to destination, once a week or once a month at a set time.


As you can see, any way above can do cloud to cloud transfer. Obviously, using MultCloud can not only do cloud to cloud file transfer, but also sync files across multiple clouds.

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