Why Do You Want to Sync Photos from Onedrive to Google Photos?

Onedrive is a cloud storage developed by Microsoft which offers 5GB storage space for a free user. You can store your moves, documents and photos on it with its free space. With the advancement of society, both the elderly and the youth like to take pictures with their mobile phones to record their lifestyle no matter where they are and what they are doing. With more photos stored in Onedrive, at times, it’s necessary to sync photos from Onedrive to free up space or avoid data loss issues to other clouds. As we all know, Google Photos is an image sharing storage service that offers users free, unlimited storage for videos up to 1080p resolution and photos up to 16 megapixels and it identifies visual features, analyzes pictures, and subjects automatically. Since Google Photos has this powerful feature, then you will definitely want to sync photos between Onedrive and Google photos. However, it’s question about how to sync photos stored on Onedrive to Google Photos easily.

Method to Copy Photos from Onedrive to Google Photos

The tradition way to move photos from Onedrive to Google Photos is to download them from Onedrive to the local PC and then upload them manually to Google Photos. Yes, this way can achieve your demand but it would take much time to complete because it depends on your Network and if your Network is in bad condition, then it would take long time for you to complete this operation and you cannot close the page when downloading or uploading these photos and that’s annoying. At this time, MultCloud may be your choice.

MultCloud is a free cloud storage manager that provides a convenient cloud file transfer free  way for you to manage all the cloud storage accounts that you have. The authorization system of MultCloud is based on OAuth which is a standard authorization framework that enables third party applications to access multiple cloud accounts without username and password required. So you can carry out the given steps below to sync photos between Onedrive and Google photos.

Now, create a MultCloud account or you can click experience without signing up.

Experience Without Signing Up
  1. Step 1.Add your Onedrive and Google Photos account to MultCloud.
    Add Cloud Drives
  2. Step 2.Create a Cloud Sync task, select Onedrive as the source, select Google Photos as the target.
    Cloud Sync
  3. Step 3. Click “Sync Now” and wait for the process to complete.


Following the aforementioned steps, you may find that MultCloud is easy to operate and it can help you import your photos between Onedrive and Google Photos quickly. You can close the page and even close your PC as long as your task starts because MultCloud can deal with the task at the background.