Transfer files between cloud services

MultCloud can connect all your clouds and enable you to securely access all the online files like documents, images, music, and videos from multiple cloud storage services all under one virtual roof. It supports more than 30 popular clouds for you to transfer data between.
With the help of MultCloud, you can transfer files between cloud services using Cloud Transfer, Team Migration, Email Migration, and more features. The process of transfer runs on the server of MultCloud, so there's no need to keep the device working all the time to download from one cloud and upload the files to another cloud service.

What can MultCloud help me with?

Today, online storage is essential, but the abundance of diverse cloud services often leads to using multiple options like Google Drive and Dropbox. Previously, transferring files between them required downloading and uploading, which can be cumbersome for large files. But with the help of MultCloud, you’ll be able to:
  • Access all your multiple clouds and email services with one account.
  • Transfer data across clouds using Cloud Transfer, Copy to, Team Migration, and more.
  • Automatically transfer files from cloud to cloud by setting up a scheduled transfer task.
  • Migrate sub-accounts between business clouds in bulk by Team Migration.

How to transfer files across clouds

Online Storage Services Supported by MultCloud

Transfer, sync and backup data between over 30 cloud services with MultCloud

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