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About Dropbox

Dropbox is an online cloud storage service. It is great for syncing files to desktop or mobile devices. According to survey, some people have both business and personal Dropbox account at the same time. However, if they need to move files from one Dropbox to another, there is no easy way using two Dropbox accounts simultaneously.

The obvious problem is that Dropbox does not support multiple accounts on one computer. This is painful because they have to change the configuration file at any time and double-configure some common applications. If they use Dropbox website, they still have to download the files to local drive and re-upload it manually or transfer by sharing file.

So, is there any way that can resolve this problem without downloading and uploading? Following below parts to find the solutions.

Transfer Files between Dropbox Accounts in Common Way

The traditional way to copy files between Dropbox accounts is to use "Shared Folder".

Step 1. Sign in your account that you want to move files from.
Step 2. Create a shared folder and add your another account as the recipient.
Step 3. Drag and drop files you want to transfer to this shared folder.
Step 4. Log in your second Dropbox account in incognito mode.
Step 5. Click "Shared" tab to find that shared folder and click "Add" icon and add it to your another Dropbox account.

Add Shared Folder to Dropbox
Add Shared Folder to Dropbox

Step 6. Refresh the page and you will find that folder located under "My Files" in your second account.


  • If you already have a shared folder and you want to access it using another account, you need to be aware that transferring files to the new shared folder will cause you to leave the shared versions of the folder.
  • As long as the files are moved from the shared folder, they can no longer be accessed from the Dropbox of your another account.

Transfer Files Between Dropbox Accounts in Popular Way

Now there is a popular way, MultCloud, is recommended. MultCloud is a FREE cloud transfer manager that allows users to connect two personal Dropbox accounts together for better managing and transfer files from one to another without downloading and uploading. It can help transfer files from one Dropbox account to another directly based on the web. Next, let's show how it works.

Step 1. Create an Account

Since you have two Dropbox accounts already, you need to create a MultCloud account. You need to activate your MultCloud account first.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Note: If you want to test the functions of MultCloud before creating an account, you could click "Try without signing up" option to get one temp account.

Step 2. Add Accounts to MultCloud

After that, please log in MultCloud. The first step is about how to add Dropbox to MultCloud. Click "Add Cloud", and select Dropbox to add.

Add Dropbox Cloud
Add Dropbox Cloud

Note: During adding Dropbox Accounts, you can type "Display Name" as "Dropbox1". Then type another Dropbox "Display Name" as "Dropbox2". Display name is done, click "Add Dropbox" to finish adding the first one Dropbox.

Once this is completed, all files in your Dropbox will be shown on the next browser window. The following picture you see is that two Dropbox accounts are added successfully to MultCloud.

Two Dropbox Accounts Have Been Added to MultCloud
Two Dropbox Accounts Have Been Added to MultCloud

Step 3. Transfer Files between Dropbox Accounts with 3 Solutions

After you have selected the file or folder to be moved, you will have 3 solutions below to assist you to copy files from Dropbox to another.

Way 1: Dragging Files to Transfer: Select target folder from Dropbox2 and dragging it to Dropbox1 by holding left mouse button like in Windows. (This method needs to return to the old version of MC, please click "Switch to classic MultCloud" in the lower left corner to enter.)

Drag Files from Dropbox to Another
Drag Files from Dropbox to Another

Way 2: "Copy and Paste": Copy target file in Dropbox1 and paste it in Dropbox2 like in Windows.

Copy or Copy to
Copy or Copy to

Way 3: "Copy to": When you selected "Copy to", you can set in the pop-up window, "Multi-select" option is selectable. If you check it, you can select multiple cloud drives for file moving.

Copy to Operation
Copy to Operation


Following any way above, you could transfer files between Dropbox accounts easily. If MultCloud is your choice, besides Dropbox, you may find MultCloud also supports managing and moving files between other famous cloud drives such as Google Drive, Box, Amazon S3, SugarSync, FTP, WevDav, OneDrive, etc and it is totally free.

With MultCloud, you can also preview files (jpg, gif, png, pdf, xls, doc) in MultCloud before transferring. Currently, MultCloud has "Cloud Transfer" and "Cloud Sync" features.

For "Cloud Transfer", it can help transfer files across clouds directly. If you want to migrate Dropbox to OneDrive, you can make full use of "Cloud Transfer". For "Cloud Sync", it can help back up or sync files from one cloud to other clouds. You can sync Google Drive with Dropbox with the help of this feature.

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