Scheduled transfer, sync or backup data between clouds

MultCloud is a web-based app which enables users to schedule automatic cloud file transfer from one cloud to another just by setting up a transfer task. Therefore, it can be very easy to manage automatic backup between clouds or periodic sync between clouds. And data transfer in MultCloud won’t require any local computer resources or bandwidth, because the transfer process runs on the server of MultCloud, and it will NOT store users’ file permanently. When the transfer of data is complete, the data will be deleted from MultCloud database. To get more details about this, please click Here

What can MultCloud help me with?

For multiple cloud users, when they need to transfer data between multiple cloud services, they have to download the data from one cloud and then re-upload it to another cloud. It could be more annoying for the users who need to transfer, sync or backup data between multiple cloud services regularly. However, MultCloud has enabled users to schedule automatic backup between clouds. For instance, if you want to sync Google Drive with Dropbox at a regular interval, you can simply set up a scheduled cloud transfer between these two cloud services to make it.

How to schedule transfer, sync or backup data

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