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MultCloud --- the best and free app to manage cloud transfer
Cloud to cloud backup manager

MultCloud --- a free simple multiple cloud manager allows multiple cloud users to access all their cloud storage services with one single log in and manage cloud file transfer from one cloud storage service directly to another by simply setting up a cloud to cloud transfer task. And the cloud transfer manager system allows users to view and administrate cloud file transfer between cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, box, OneDrive, SugarSync ... from a single list.
?What can MultCloud help me with?
Nowadays, there are so many options about cloud storage services and different cloud services provide different features, so many people have already created accounts on different cloud services to fulfill all their needs. For instance, a lot of people have accounts of both Google Drive and Dropbox. Before, when we need to do cloud file transfer between these two clouds, we had to download the file from Dropbox and re-upload it to Google Drive and it can be really annoying when it happens to be large files. However, the cloud to cloud backup management system in MultCloud enables users to view and mange file transfer between cloud storage services through a windows explorer type service, cutting out the step of downloading and re-uploading.
How to check and manage transfer tasks
Select the cloud service you wish to add
Click on “Add Cloud Drives” and select the cloud storage service you wish to add. For instance, select Dropbox to add connector to MultCloud. Click on “next” to move on.
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