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[New Way] How to Use Google Drive as FTP Server with MultCloud?

Can I use Google Drive as a FTP server? This tutorial will guide you how to use Google Drive as FTP to share and edit files online with the help of one free cloud transfer manager tool, MultCloud, step by step.

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Sep. 17, 2019 | 3 mins read

Author Teresa


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“Can I use Google Drive as FTP?”

Before answering your question, you have to know what FTP is. FTP is the abbreviation of File Transfer Protocol that is used to transfer computer files between client and server online. Mostly, a client can edit the shared files such as rename, delete, move, copy or download them on a server using FTP. However, to use FTP, you need a server not just your PC. The process of building FTP is also complicated. Many users wonder if there is another easier method to store and share files online, like using Google Drive as FTP.

Google Drive is a cloud service officially launched by Google Company on 24th of April, 2012. It is popular among PC users since it offers 15 GB free storage for them. Personal files, photos, music, and videos could be stored on the Cloud platform. It is easy to access them from other devices if you have Google Drive app installed on. One can use Google Drive like FTP to store and share files online only when he uses the appropriate tool.

To answer the question in the beginning, it is absolutely yes as long as you find the right way. With the appropriate tool, you can even connect Google Drive to FTP and transfer files between each other.


How to use Google Drive as FTP Server?

FTP, in most instances, is used to share and edit files. Google Drive can do that, but it is hard to manage online sharing among different services like FTP does. So, you have to turn to some helpful tool to help you use Google Drive as FTP. MultCloud is such a powerful assist that could help you share files among online services, such as OneDrive, FTP server, My SQL, Dropbox etc. No need to download and upload files later. This reliable web application will bring Google Drive and the service you want to share to together in one graphical user window. Every operation is visual and simple.

What’s more, you are able to schedule share files using MultCloud at your planed time. You have more options in transferring process. For example, you can share only certain file types like *mp3, *doc etc to other services. That is more than using Google Drive as a FTP; it is over FTP in this aspect. Sign up now to create one MultCloud.

Use Google Drive like FTP with MultCloud

Firstly, create one MultCloud account, log in, and you will enter following interface. Click on Add Cloud Drives on the left and select Google Drive icon.

Add Cloud Drives
Add Cloud Drives

Secondly, edit the Display Name and click Add Google Drive Account. There is no username and password required since MultCloud has based on standard OAuth system.

Add Cloud Drive Account
Add Cloud Drive Account

The process of adding Google Drive in MultCloud is completed. Now you can add the service you want to share to by repeating above steps to share files. Here this article will take schedule share files from Google Drive to Amazon Drive for example.

Step1. Click "Transfer" button, and then choose the source drive and the destination drive.


Step2. Click the arrow behind Run Now and click Schedule Later.

Schedule Later
Schedule Later

Step3. Set personal configuration here.


Note: You can set email notification, file filter, and transfer mode in Options.


See, it is easy to use Google Drive as FTP server to share files online with the help of MultCloud. This handy application saves time and money on managing your multiple cloud services. You can sync files between different cloud accounts without downloading them. For example, you can migrate Flickr to Google Photos with the "Cloud Sync" feature. This web app is also great to manage multiple OneDrive accounts on Windows 10 if you happen to personal OneDrive and business OneDrive accounts to manage.

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