Dropbox vs OneDrive

Nowadays, it is common for us to store data in Cloud Drive services because those services are cost efficient and simple. Among so many cloud storage services, Dropbox and OneDrive are two excellent options for cloud drive users due to their similar file storing and sharing features. You can look through the table below to find out the differences between Dropbox and OneDrive.

  Dropbox OneDrive
Storage for Free 2 GB 5 GB
Max Storage Unlimited 6 TB
Platforms Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS
Upload Limit in Web 50 GB 15 GB
Upload Speed in Web 41.6 mb/s 33.4 mb/s
File Recovery 30 days for free, 180 days for paid 30 days
App Integration Office docs, Google docs, and other 200 third-party apps Microsoft Office 365 apps
Security Two-step verification and 256-bit AES encryption for all Two-step authentication for all, SSL and TLS encryption only for paid accounts

Why Backup Dropbox to OneDrive?

Backup from Dropbox to OneDrive
Backup from Dropbox to OneDrive

From the comparison between Dropbox and OneDrive, we can find that OneDrive offers more free storage for users than Dropbox does. But Dropbox is better at uploading files with faster speed and larger file size limit. So, you may try to backup Dropbox files to OneDrive due to the following conditions:

Since the longest time that you can recover deleted files in Dropbox are 180 days, you can backup files which you want to delete from Dropbox to OneDrive. Then your OneDrive account can be seen as a trash bin which has 5 GB free storage without expiration date.

Moreover, in view of the fact that the photo and video backup feature of OneDrive mobile app is great, you can make backup files from Dropbox to OneDrive thus collect and manage all your backups together in OneDrive with ease.

How to Backup Dropbox to OneDrive Free with MultCloud

If you are wondering how to backup Dropbox files to OneDrive, the only way you could search out maybe is manually downloading files from Dropbox and then re-uploading to OneDrive. This traditional way requires you to take complicated steps and you are very likely to suffer from unstable network speed. 

However, we recommend you to try a free web-based multiple cloud storage manager named MultCloud to help backup files from Dropbox to OneDrive without downloading and uploading. As a great third-party cloud file manager, MultCloud is designed to help you manage, transfer, sync, or backup files from cloud to cloud in a single and easy-to-use interface.


When you want to backup Dropbox to OneDrive, the Cloud Backup function of MultCloud is able to give you great help. 

• Best Way to Protect Data in Cloud

With Cloud Backup, you can set scheduled plan to let MultCloud automatically backup files from Dropbox to OneDrive periodically, so that your clouds will be safely protected from data loss and no local storage would be taken up during backing up. 

• Save Cloud Storage and Easily Manage Versions

After running a backup task for the first time, the Cloud Backup function will only backup the modified files to destination cloud next time the task starts. So, the destination cloud will be less likely to be taken up by your backups. And you can manage all the versions of your backups in MultCloud with the choices of deleting and restoring.

Backup from Dropbox to OneDrive by Cloud Backup

Here we will show you how to backup Dropbox to OneDrive by Cloud Backup with step-by-step instructions.

Step 1. Sign up MultCloud for free. You can either choose to log in with Facebook and Google account, or click “Try without signing up” and get a temp account to have a try.

Sign Up MultCloud
Sign Up MultCloud

Step 2. Click “Add Cloud” and choose the icon of Dropbox to add your Dropbox account to MultCloud. Then repeat this step to add OneDrive to MultCloud as well.

Add Dropbox and OneDrive to MultCloud
Add Dropbox and OneDrive to MultCloud


  • MultCloud sets no limit to the number of adding clouds and it supports more than 30 major cloud drive services including Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. So, you can add as many clouds as you have to MultCloud for free.
  • You don’t have to worry about the security of your cloud accounts since MultCloud uses OAuth authorization system to connect you clouds without recording the username and password.

Step 3. Enter “Cloud Backup” page, select Dropbox as the source and OneDrive as the destination.

Backup Dropbox to OneDrive Free by Cloud Backup
Backup Dropbox to OneDrive Free by Cloud Backup


  • Source of Cloud Backup: You can select a cloud drive or files and folders in it as the source directory.
  • Destination of Cloud Backup: You can select a cloud drive or a folder in it as the destination directory.

Step 4. Choose “Options” and “Schedule” about the Cloud Backup task if you need.

  • Email: Turn on to let MultCloud send an email notification to you when the task is done.
  • Filter: Add extensions to let MultCloud ignore or only backup from Dropbox to OneDrive with these kinds of files.
  • Schedule: Set daily, weekly, or monthly schedule to let MultCloud automatically backup Dropbox to OneDrive.
Options of Cloud Backup
Options of Cloud Backup

Step 5. Click “Backup Now” and MultCloud will backup from Dropbox to OneDrive immediately.


  • When the Cloud Backup task starts, you can close the website or shut down your device because MultCloud supports offline backup.
  • If you have lots of Dropbox files that need to be backed up to OneDrive or other clouds frequently, which may exceed the 30 GB traffic limit for transferring data between clouds in a month, you could upgrade to premium plan and get traffic from 150 GB to unlimited with superfast backup speed.

Bonus Tip: Manage Versions After You Backup Dropbox to OneDrive 

Another fascinating advantage of Cloud Backup feature is the easy solution to manage all the versions of your Cloud Backup tasks. You are able to view all the versions, delete the unnecessary versions, and restore from one of these versions conveniently in MultCloud.

Here we will take how to restore from the version of backing up Google Drive to Dropbox as a brief example.

Step 1. Enter “Task List” page of MultCloud, click the three-line button at the right of the Cloud Backup task. Then choose “Versions” in the dropdown menu.

Find Versions of Your Backups from Task List
Find Versions of Your Backups from Task List

Tip: If you don’t have the need to delete any version, you can click “Restore” instead.

Step 2. In the pop-up window, choose the options of restoration and select files to restore. Then click “Next”.

Choose Files and Options before Restoring
Choose Files and Options before Restoring

Step 3. Choose to restore your backup to original location or to new location, then click “Restore” and you will find the right version of files in the location you choose.


Now you may already realize that using MultCloud to help you backup Dropbox to OneDrive or backup OneDrive to Dropbox is the most efficient way without taking any extra time and effort.

Besides, MultCloud not only can help you backup from Dropbox to OneDrive, but also offers other unique features such as Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, and Remote Upload to help you manage cloud drives in a great way.

With MultCloud, you could:

  • Transfer and sync files between clouds by Cloud Transfer and Cloud Sync.
  • Manage files across clouds by Upload, Download, Cut, Copy, Preview, Rename.
  • Remote Upload to Cloud directly from URLs, torrents, and magnet links.
  • Collaborate with both Dropbox and OneDrive users together without barrier by Sub-accounts.
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