“Can I migrate files from Google Drive to OneDrive?”

Using cloud services to storage and copy data is more and more popular. As so far, you can see a lot of cloud drives such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc. When you use cloud drives, you may meet some problems, you may need to manage multiple cloud services, and sometimes, you may want to switch to another cloud storage service. For example, a Google Drive user may want to switch to Microsoft’s OneDrive to get that now-infinite cloud storage. However, most users do not want to lose the old data on their Google Drive, that comes a question - “can I copy Google Drive to OneDrive”?

Definitely, yes! Here we will introduce you two ways to export files from Google Drive to OneDrive.

Methods for transferring files from Google Drive to OneDrive

When you decide to sync to OneDrive, you need to copy all data including files, documents, movies, musics, photos to OneDrive. You can try the following methods to do that.

#1. Download and Upload

The traditional way for migrating Google Drive to OneDrive is the “Download” and “Upload”. You need to create a local folder, and download all data from Google Drive to it, and then, re-upload those data to OneDrive. The whole process finish time depends on your files size and network speed.

Download Upload

You could take this way to backup Google Drive files to OneDrive, but you can also do this a faster way.

#2. The best cloud storage copy tool - MultCloud

MultCloud should be the best cloud storage migration tool. It can not only copy Google Drive to OneDrive, but also can be used on other cloud drives including G Suite, Dropbox, Dropbox for business, OneDrive for business, MEGA, Amazon Cloud Drive, AmasonS3, Box, FTP, MySQL, pCloud, Mediafire, SugarSync, Egnyte, ADrive, Hidrive, Yandex, CloudMe, Cubby, MyDrive, etc. MultCloud can help you manage all cloud drives in one place. It is highly recommended if you have multiple could services.

The steps of how to use MultCloud to copy files from Google Drive to OneDrive:

1. First, you need a MultCloud account. Click Sign up in the official site. If you have MultCloud account already, click Sign in to log in. When you get into the sign up window, type in the information that needed to create your MultCloud account.

* You need to check your email sending from MultCloud for activating your account.

2. After activate your account, you can add all your cloud drives to MultCloud. Here we click Add Cloud Drives -> Google Drive to add your Google Drive account to MultCloud.

Add Google Drive

3. Then, back to the main interface and click Add Cloud Drives -> OneDrive to add your OneDrive account to MultCloud.

4. After that, in Cloud Explorer, click on Google Drive in the left menu. Then, right click on target items, choose “Copy”, go to OneDrive and “Paste” them. Or, select “Copy to” in GD and choose “OneDrive” as destination cloud in the pop-up window.

Cloud Copy
Copy Google Drive to OneDrive


  • MultCloud allows you to automatic transfer files across cloud drives in daily, weekly, monthly. upgrade your MultCloud account to premium to unlock this feature and get larger data traffic, VIP Servers.
  • Those are all about how to copy Google Drive to OneDrive. Hope this article can solve your problem.

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Multcloud Key Features

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  • Cloud Explorer

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