How to share files on Google Drive?

In cloud age, many people choose Google Drive as their cloud storage. Selecting Google Drive has many advantages. For example, with one Google account, you can login all Google apps. Google Drive is big company, it is trusted. The volume of Google Drive is enough for common people. You can touch your files in Google Drive through different ways. One is visiting Google Drive website, also means web edition of Google Drive. Another way is visiting files on Google Drive client like Windows explorer.

How to share files on Google Drive to others? Traditionally, you should find the file you want to share, click it and click Share button. Then decide share to who and how they can operate you file. Except your friends, you are able to share the files and folders stored in Google Drive to anybody. At the same time, you can decide whether people can edit, comment on, or only view the shared file.

Use MultCloud to share files on Google Drive

Above is traditional way suits for who only use Google Drive. In fact, users are using more than one cloud drives for various reasons. Most people have Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive accounts together. Or have more than one accounts of one vendor, for personal and business separately. MultCloud is used to manage them in one place thus things become easier and solve lots of trouble.

MultCloud is a multiple clouds management web app. It has powerful transfer, sync and manage functions. Here, I will show you how MultCloud’s share feature works. Free to register MultCloud or Experience without signing up. Add Google Drive to MultCloud. Right click files in Google Drive in MultCloud, select Share option. There will pop up a Share window as following picture shows.

You can share files on Google Drive to your friends with emails, to the world with SNS, to whoever you want via links. MultCloud can create three kinds of links. 1. Create a public link: all users can view your files. 2. A private link with password. 3. A source link. Luckily, Google Drive supports this function. It equals original share link built by Google Drive.

What’s more, MultCloud has a Share Manager. In it, you can manage your created shares and your saved shares. For shared files, there are five operations: Go to share, copy link, cancel, properties, jump to source. For shared folder, you can turn on/off “allow to upload” switch. It means changing the content in shared folder also change the content in source. Details please read this article.

Now you see, with the help of MultCloud, it is very easy to share Google Drive folder with non Gmail users. If you want to know how to share entire Google Drive. You can try MultCloud’s transfer or sync features. Copy the whole data in Google Drive to another cloud services.

MultCloud not only answer how to share files on Google Drive with friends perfectly. It also has many other highlights. Such as its points system, everyone can enjoy unlimited traffic. Its extension for Google Chrome browser, users can touch Google Drive and MultCloud simply.

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