Google Drive is favored by a mass of users with its advanced features. For example, it supports systematic file sharing, various file formats and users can quickly access their files. If you have a Google Drive account, you can find that the cloud makes your work easier and more efficient. But you may find it is a bit of annoying when you have many Google Drive accounts.

User Cases: How Do I Manage Multiple Google Drive Accounts?

"Google Drive is a good choice and I have many Google Drive accounts to store my files. But I am extremely impatient to log out one account and log in another one to access different files placed under different cloud accounts. How do I manage Google Drive accounts on the same computer? I need your help."

"How can I access multiple Google Drive accounts? Can I just merge them so as to manage and use them on one platform? Thanks for your suggestions."

How do I manage Google Drive accounts? This question is frequently asked by users with many Google Drive accounts because Google Drive doesn't support multiple accounts accessing from desktop. So is there any method to solve this problem? Yes, the following part will introduce a solution for you.

Solved: Manage Multiple Google Drive Accounts with MultCloud

MultCloud is a free third-party tool that can put several cloud drives into one platform. As a professional multiple cloud manager, MultCloud can help you manage your Google Drive accounts without switching. The following part will show you how it works.

Step 1. Sign up

To use MultCloud, you need to sign up first.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Add Clouds

Click on "Add Clouds" button on the tab and add your Google Drive accounts to MultCloud.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive to MultCloud

Note: You are allowed to add one cloud at a time. You need to repeat "Add Clouds" operation if you want to add more than one cloud drive.

Step 3. Manage Google Drive Accounts

Move to "Cloud Explorer" interface and you can view all the drives you added. With the help of MultCloud, you can use your Google Drive accounts simultaneously without changing accounts.

Manage Multiple Google Drive Accounts
Manage Google Drive Accounts


  • With MultCloud, you can directly operate your Google Drive accounts and manage them directly.
  • If you have the demand to sync your Google Drive accounts, you can easily sync two Google Drive accounts with MultCloud "Cloud Sync" feature.
  • If you want to transfer Google Drive to another account, MultCloud "Cloud Transfer" feature can help you achieve this goal directly.

Wrapping Up

MultCloud makes it easier to manage multiple Google Drive accounts and provides an easy way to transfer and sync from one cloud to another cloud. Besides Google Drive, MultCloud also supports OneDrive, Dropbox, Mega and other mainstream cloud services. So you can also perform operations with your other clouds via MultCloud. For example, you can encrypt files when uploading to Google Drive, sync Google Photos to OneDrive or remote upload to OneDrive. Learn more about MultCloud here.

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