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Best Way to Sync Dropbox to OneDrive for Free in 2020


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Nov. 9, 2020 | 3 mins read



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You'll find the best free way to sync Dropbox to OneDrive for free in this post. With the free tool MultCloud, you can sync Dropbox with OneDrive quickly in 3 steps.

Why Sync from Dropbox to OneDrive?

Nowadays, many people have signed up for multiple cloud services to store files. As Dropbox and OneDrive are two famous cloud drives, many people choose them naturally. “What’s the best cloud service” is not a problem anymore. Because own several clouds aren't anything difficult. In this way, we can not only get more free storage space but also keep our files backed up to the hills.

On the other side, since Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox have their own highlights as well as limits, users use them for different reasons, store different files in each of them. Then a new question comes, how can we transfer data between Dropbox and OneDrive? Maybe sometimes we need files stored in another cloud. If you have installed their clients on the desktop, dragging and dropping (copy and paste) the content you wish to move from Dropbox to OneDrive can be easily achieved.

However, on other devices like pad or mobile, the above way cannot work well. In fact, since their clients on Windows are similar to Windows Explorer so that it ignores the way of downloading and re-uploading. If the client is linked to the cloud directly not the local, you have to download and re-upload. If we can find a method to transfer or move from Dropbox to OneDrive in any environment, that will be great! So is there any way that can migrate from Dropbox to OneDrive directly? Following below parts to find the solution.

How to Sync Dropbox to OneDrive?

No more downloading and uploading. No need to login to each cloud account to download and upload files. Here, we will introduce a FREE cloud storage manager tool, MultCloud, to you to migrate Dropbox files to OneDrive quickly. With the help of MultCloud, you can link Dropbox and OneDrive account to one platform and sync files from Dropbox OneDrive without downloading and uploading.

Using MultCloud, you can not only move files to your OneDrive but also it can help you manage Dropbox and OneDrive accounts without logging in the official webiste. You can upload, copy or move files from one cloud to other clouds easily like you are copying and pasting files through "Windows Explorer". You can see simple instructions below to sync Dropbox and OneDrive.

Step 1. Create Account

Visit the website, create an account or try "Experience without signing up" option to get one temp account to have a try.

Create an account
Create an account

Step 2. Add Clouds

After logging in, add Dropbox and OneDrive to MultCloud one by one. Actually, in MultCloud, you can add unlimited accounts of same cloud provider in one place for better management.

Add Dropbox and OneDrive
Add Dropbox and OneDrive

Step 3. Sync Dropbox with OneDrive with "Cloud Sync"

After adding Dropbox and OneDrive to MultCloud, go to Cloud Sync interface to complete the remainning steps. Select Dropbox as the source, select OneDrive as the destination. Click "Sync Now" and wait for the process to complete. Be sure to have enough volume to store your files. If you run out of cloud volume, the transfer will fail.

Sync Dropbox to OneDrive
Sync Dropbox to OneDrive


  • The size of the files being transferred will affect the time of the transfer.
  • If you want to migrate Dropox to OneDrive regularly, you can enable "Schedule" feature so MultCloud can run your task as scheduled.

Explore More about MultCloud

Does MultCloud only support Dropbox and OneDrive? Can MultCloud only help users Sync Dropbox to OneDrive? Absolutely No! In addition to above clouds, MultCloud also supports MEGA, Flickr, Google Drive, Gsuite, Dropbox, Amazon S3, OneDrive for Business, etc. In addition to "Cloud Sync", MultCloud also has "Cloud Explorer" and "Cloud Transfer".

Cloud Explorer" enable you to manage multiple cloud drives together, encrypt and share files, remote upload, etc. For example, if you want to manage multiple OneDrive accounts on Windows 10, you can make full use of it. With "Cloud Transfer" feature, it can help transfer files from one cloud to another directly without switching accounts. For example, you can transfer files between MEGA accounts or link OneDrive accounts together to MultCloud. Therefore, MultCloud can be a great tool to help manage cloud, transfer and sync files across clouds.

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