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“I have two Dropbox accounts. One is the personal account for my pictures, movies, etc and another one is the business account for my work, projects, etc. Is there a way that can help me connect my Dropbox accounts together without the inconvenience of logging in and out several times?”

This problem is a very common problem. Nowadays, many people create multiple accounts to store related files in order to separate work and life. But with more accounts, it is not particularly convenient to manage. Is there a way to connect Dropbox accounts directly but they are still independent accounts?

Continue reading the following parts and we will introduce two free ways to guide you on how to connect Dropbox accounts.

Method 1: Link Dropbox accounts with Dropbox

Step 1. Sign in your Dropbox Business account through the Dropbox websites.
Step 2. Click the smile button in the upper right corner and click "Settings".
Step 3. Click “Connect” under Connect your personal Dropbox.

Connect Personal Dropbox
Connect Personal Dropbox

Step 4. Create a new personal account or sign in if you have the account already.
Step 5. After that, you can manage both personal and business accounts by clicking the marked place on the below picture.

How to Connect Dropbox Accounts
How to Connect Dropbox Accounts

Note: You cannot connect two personal Dropbox accounts using this way. In brief, using this way, you need to confirm that you have one personal Dropbox account and one Dropbox Business account.

Method 2: Connect Dropbox Accounts with MultCloud

MultCloud, as a FREE web-based cloud to cloud transfer service, which can not only help manage multiple cloud storage accounts from one place; but also supports migrating files from one cloud directly to another in one click instead of downloading and uploading. Let's see how it helps connect your personal Dropbox and work Dropbox accounts together.

Step 1. Create an account with MultCloud.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Click “Add Clouds” button, select your personal Dropbox account, click “Next” button and follow the steps to add your account to MultCloud.

Add Dropbox Account
Add Dropbox Account

Step 3. Repeat the Step 2 to add your business account to MultCloud.

Connect Business Dropbox Account
Connect Business Dropbox Account

Step 4. After that, your personal account and business account will be added to MultCloud.

Connect Dropbox Accounts
Connect Dropbox Accounts

Note: As you can see, MultCloud can not only help add multiple personal Dropbox accounts but also supports adding several Dropbox for Business accounts.

Following the above steps, you can easily link Dropbox accounts together via the web so that you can access files from each account easily. You can select the one you like from the above methods. If you prefer to use the Method 2, MultCloud can also help you quickly move files from your personal Dropbox account to your business account with the help of “Cloud Transfer” feature.

How to Transfer Files from One Dropbox Account to Another?

Select “Cloud Transfer” button, Select your personal account as the source, select the business account as the destination, click “Transfer Now” and wait for the process to complete.

 Transfer Files from One Dropbox Account to Another
Transfer Files from One Dropbox Account to Another


  • You cannot transfer files to the root directory of your Dropbox Business account.
  • For “Cloud Transfer” feature, it supports transferring folder only. If you want to transfer several files separately, please use “Copy” and “Paste” feature through “Cloud Explorer”.

More about MultCloud

Whether you choose any method above, they can guide you on how to connect Dropbox accounts easily. If the Method 2 is your choice, then you can perform many operations with MultCloud. MultCloud, as an online cloud file manager tool, which can help manage 33 cloud drives with one platform without the hassle of logging in and out several times.

In addtion to the mentioned “Cloud Transfer” feature, MultCloud also has “Cloud Sync” feature. For the “Cloud Sync” feature, it can help sync or back up files from one cloud to other clouds. For example, you can easily sync from Dropbox to Google Drive.

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