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Can Someone Send a Large File to My OneDrive?

Share a Large OneDrive File
Share a Large OneDrive File

“My friend has been keeping recorded my audio during these years. And now I’d love to receive these large audio files on OneDrive from my friend. Since it’s a huge number of files, I’m just wondering whether my friend can send large files to my OneDrive account and how to send large audio file with OneDrive. Thank you!”

OneDrive is one of the most outstanding and professional cloud storage services in the cloud market. With 5GB of free storage space, users can store photos, audio files, videos, documents, and other kinds of files. Meanwhile, it’s more convenient to make online collaboration with the “Share” feature on OneDrive, compared to traditional means to collaborate.

So, how to share large files on OneDrive with others with ease? There’re 3 easy and practical solutions in the following content. If you are encountering the same problem, you can keep reading then.

How to Send Large Files with OneDrive Commonly

In this part, 2 feasible methods are provided, namely sending an email and copying a sharing link. Each method has its own benefits and weakness. After reading, you can choose the one that suits you most according to your personal situation. 

Way 1: Send Large Files with OneDrive via Email

If you have the email address of whom you want to share with, you can the send him/her an email with these large files. The steps to deliver this goal are very simple. And here’s what you should follow:

Step 1: Sign in to your OneDrive on the web, and locate the large file/files you want to share.
Step 2: Select the large file, then hit the Share tab on the upper side of the ribbon. If you want to share large files, you can create a folder and add those large files to it, and then share that folder directly.

Click to Share on OneDrive
Click to Share on OneDrive

Step 3: Then enter the email address of your recipient. Or, if you he/she is already on your contacts, you can enter his/her name. Meanwhile, you should know that the shared file can be by default edited. If you want to change permissions, click the rightward arrow icon to select again.
Step 4: After that, you can hit the Send button. Then the recipient will receive an email contained your large file.

Send Email or Copy Link
Send Email

This is how to send an email with a large OneDrive file. However, when sending too large file with OneDrive, you will find it difficult to send it successfully. Sometimes the email will always be sent in the progress and the recipient cannot receive it.

Way 2: Send Large Files with OneDrive via a Sharing Link

If you don’t have the email address of the recipient, and he/she is not on your contacts, you can then create a sharing link and then paste that sharing link to someone or somewhere you like. Then anyone with the link can access your shared large file. Here’re detailed steps:

Step 1: Sign in with your OneDrive account and select the large file you want to share.
Step 2: Click the Share button on the upper toolbar and reset permissions if you want. Then, you can Copy link.

Copy Link
Copy Link

Step 3: After that, a sharing link will be generated automatically. Then you can copy that link and paste it to anyone/anywhere you want.

Although creating a sharing link is helpful, it is not that easy to send large files up to 250GB (the cap of file-sharing on OneDrive) securely. If you have a large file or large files to share, this would lead to a risky position of your shared files.

How to Send Large Files with OneDrive Securely

Due to the limitations of share files by an email and a sharing link, it’s better to ask a practical third-party service – MultCloud to send large files. MultCloud is a brilliant cloud file manager that allows users to manage multiple cloud drives such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Photos, Flickr, Dropbox, MEGA, Flickr, Amazon S3, pCloud, Box, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox Business, etc.


With MultCloud, you can avoid frequent account shifting. That’s to say, you can go to any cloud services in only one app by just one click. Meanwhile, you can enjoy most features that you can perform on the official web of clouds, such as uploading, sharing, downloading, removing, copying, moving, etc. For example, you can add folder to OneDrive easily.

So, why use MultCloud to share large files with OneDrive?

  • Free & Web-Based Service. MultCloud is a web-based cloud file manager, which means whether you are using phone or computer, you can taka advantage of this app for free.
  • No File-Sharing Limit. There’s no file size limit when sharing the file on MultCloud. Thus, you can share files at will.
  • Intelligent Share Modes. There are 3 different Share Modes you can choose, including “Public Share”, “Private Share”, and “Source Share”. And each share mode has its own feature.
  • Upload to Clouds Simply. Once the recipient receives the sharing link, he/she can view and/or download your file. If you give permission, he/she can even upload what you’ve shared to his/her own cloud servives.

Now, you can refer to the steps below to learn how to send large files with OneDrive via MultCloud:

Step 1: Create a MultCloud account for free. Or, you can click on Try without signing up to create a temporary one.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2: Hit the Add Cloud tab on the left navigation bar, and add OneDrive by clicking its icon and following the guidance in the next window.

Add OneDrive
Add OneDrive

Step 3: Go to OneDrive, locate the large file you want to share. If you want to share large files, you can create a folder and add theses files to it. Then share that folder directly. After selecting the file you want to share, tick the box ahead of it and select the Share tab.

Share File on OneDrive
Share File on OneDrive

Step 4: Then, you will be asked to choose the “Share Modes”, and you can choose the one you like:

  • Public Share: Anyone with the link can view/download your shared file.
  • Private Share: Only those who have the password can access your shared file.
  • Source Share: Only a few clouds can support this share mode.

Step 5: Finally, you can Create Share and Copy the link. Anyway, you can choose to paste the link to anyone or anywhere you like. Or, you can share the large file directly to social media like Facebook.

Create Share to Copy Link
Create Share to Copy Link

See, the way to share large files on OneDrive with MultCloud is pretty simple, right? Similarly, if you want to send large audio file with OneDrive, you can follow the same steps. Meanwhile, if you want to manage your shared files, you can go to Shares on the left taskbar, then you can choose to Cancel,Edit Share, Allow to Upload.

Tip: MultCloud offers you professional features as well. For instance, if you want to move Google Photos to OneDrive, you can take advantage of the Cloud Transfer feature.

In the End

You’ve learned how to send large files with OneDrive in 3 practical methods after reading the whole post. Now, you can choose any method that suits you. To sum up, you can send an email, create a sharing link, and ask MultCloud for help.

If you utilize MultCloud, you can also enjoy other useful features. For example, you can backup Dropbox to external hard drive without any effort.

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