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MultCloud --- a simple app to enable you to view and manage

cloud file transfer with Google Chrome
Cloud data transfer with Google Chrome
Multiple cloud users can manage or transfer all their online files with a very simple Web based app --- MultCloud. Users of MultCloud will be able to transfer, manage, backup or copy files between cloud storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, SugarSync, Flickr, etc, by simply using drag-&-drop or setting up transfer tasks from one cloud to another. For Google Chrome users, if they have added MultCloud as a Google Chrome extension, they’ll be able to view and manage cloud data transfer just by clicking the small icon of the extension app on Google Chrome.
? Why it’s helpful by adding MultCloud to Google Chrome?
For multiple clouds users, when it’s needed to move or copy files from one cloud storage to another, basically, they have to download the files to their devices first, and then upload them to another server. However, with MultCloud, multiple cloud users can manage cloud data transfer from a single web interface. Once, a transfer task has been set up, the process of transfer runs on the server of MultCloud, so no need to keep device working all the time to download from one cloud and upload the files to cloud service. If you’re a Google Chrome user, you can view the process of file transfer between clouds at any moment just by clicking a small icon on Google Chrome, while you browse the Web.
How to add MultCloud as a Google Chrome extension?

Tips: MultCloud will NOT store users’ file permanently. When the transfer of data

is complete, the data will be deleted from MultCloud database.
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