OneDrive, integrated tightly with Microsoft Office, is one of the best cloud storage services to backup files online. But it only offer 5 GB free storage space, while photos and videos usually take up most of the space. If you want to backup all of your photos and free then Google Photos is the right choice.

Something you need know about Google Photos

Google Photos, released in May 2015, is a photo sharing and storage service developed by Google. It has been a part of Google Plus, the company’s social network, and now it is a standalone product, with its own url to access, and app on all the popular platforms. Google Photos gives users free, unlimited storage space for photos up to 16 million pixels and videos up to 1080p resolution. This would be enough for users to save most of their photos and videos in the original and no loss of picture quality. Users also have the option to store at higher resolutions, but the storage counts against their Google Drive quota.

Two ways to move photos from OneDrive to Google Photos

Here are two solutions for you to choose from.

Solution1. Download and upload

This is a common solution that most users can think about. That is to say, firstly download all photos from OneDrive to local device, and then upload these photos from local computer to Google Photos.

This way is somehow troublesome. It requires you have enough local storage serving as transit and will cost you much time if there are a lot of pictures and videos to migrate. Is there a simple and secure solution to transfer OneDrive photos to Google Photos? Yes, here we recommend a third party multiple could manager – MultCloud.

Solution2. Use third party free web app- MultCloud

The following is the step by step guide:

  1. Step1. Create a MultCloud account. it’s free of charge.
    create multcloud account
  2. Step2. Add OneDrive accounts. In its main console, click Add Cloud Drives in the top menu and select “OneDrive” from the right cloud drive list. Then, just follow the easy guidance to finish cloud account adding.
    add onedrive
  3. Step3. Drag the scroll bar at the side of windows to add Google Photos to MultCloud. MultCloud supports OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, FTP, MySQL MEGA and other more than 20 cloud services. You can add all your Cloud service account to connect and manage files between multiple cloud storage if needed.
    add google photos
  4. Step4. Now you can see files in both OneDrive and Google Photos are displayed on MultCloud’s interface. You can move photos through the function of Cloud Sync in MultCloud. Click on the tab – Cloud Sync and select the folder that storage photos in OneDrive as source folder and a folder in Google Photos as the target folder.
    sync onedrive and google photos
  5. Step5. Click on Sync Now to perform the task, after success, you can explore all photos in the Google Photos folder. What’s more, once you settled a sync task, you can also commit it or re-edit, delete, view logs, etc. from the Tasks Manager.

    tasks manager


  • Google Photos only supports PNG, BMP, JEPG, GIF images. If you want to storage other files, you can upload to Google Drive instead.
  • You can click on Options to select the way cloud syncing, One-Way Sync or Two-Way Sync. And there are seven more detailed sync methods in One-Way Sync.

tasks manager

Last words

In conclusion, you are able to move photos from OneDrive to Google Photos easily and quickly with the help of MultCloud. You can also transfer or copy photos from other Cloud service to Google Photos. You can manage all cloud in one place, for instance transfer files between many different accounts among same or different cloud services, sync OneDrive with Google Drive, schedule cloud transfer etc. Just sign up to enjoy more features, and you won’t be disappointed.