Why do you select Google Photos?

Both Flickr and Google Photos are good cloud service which can save photos. But, Flickr only have free 1tb space, while Google Photos is unlimited space. And, Google Photos supports more photo format than Flickr, such as,.rm2, .bmp, .webp and including RAW images. Of course, Flickr has some advantages, for example, Flick doesn't have limitations on resolution of photos while Google Photos can't support 16 megapixels photos or 1080p HD video. Flickr will keep photos' original resolution while Google Photos will compress RAW photos. But, maybe the following two points will drive you to select Google Photos.

1. This is known to all, Flickr’s uploaders is very slow and only basic upload way. However, Google Photos desktop uploader to be much faster and has more options, such as, automatically uploading photos from external media, auto-grouping photos by facial recognition. And, Google Photos is more flexible to download photos.

2. Google Photos is better to explore your photos. Google Photos can smart search specific photos via typing into, such as, objects name, site and so on

If you select Google Photos, you might want to migrate Flickr to Google Photos for centralized managing photos from one cloud service. So how should you do it? Yes, you can directly download photos from Flickr to desktop and then upload to Google Photos. But, if there are a mass of photos in Flickr, it will take plenty of time and works to download because Flickr can't download all photos with one click.
So, are there a simple ways to move pictures from Flickr to Google Photos?

How do you migrate Flickr to Google Photos easily?

MultCloud is a third party service, which can help you to merge Flickr and Google Photos easily. Maybe you are a bit worried about that third party tool is not safe for your data. Please be assured that MultCloud does't save account and data of your clouds. It is a security service for your data.
Please refer to the following steps to do the migration:

  1. 1. Create one account with MultCloud or you can experience without signing up and then sign in your account.
    Create Account
  2. 2. Log in your MultCloud account, and then add your Flickr and Google Photos account into MultCloud.
    Add Clouds
    Added Clouds
  3. 3. Create a sync task to migrate Flickr to Google Photos on MultCloud. MultCloud can select single album or whole Flickr to sync.
    After sync successfully, you can view all photos in Google Photos.
    Sync Task

Conversely, you also can transfer photos from Google Photos to Flickr. And, MultCloud also support more cloud services, such as, Google drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Mega, Box, Yandex, Goole Photos etc. all over 30 cloud drives. So, you can transfer data among these clouds via MultCloud if you need.