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2 Ways to Migrate Flickr to Google Photos

Author Delores

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Jan. 17, 2020 | 3 mins read

Author Delores


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When you get tired of slow uploading or downloading photos via Flickr, you may want to find an alternative. Through constant search, you find Google Photos offers more control and faster upload and download features, so, it catches your eyes to use Google Photos for managing photos. 2 ways to migrate Flickr to Google Photos will be introduced in this post.

Changes You Have to Know about Flickr

On November 1, Flickr changed its free tier: it no longer offers 1 TB of free storage since January 8, 2019 and users can only upload 1000 photos and videos for free. And another new change brings a more tight limitation: starting from February 5, 2019, Flickr starts to delete photos which are beyond 1000-photo limit (It will delete the oldest one first). That is to say, free users will lose their files when their accounts reach 1000 photos.

However, it is safe to say that nobody wants to lose his or her files under Flikr accounts at all. So users are trying hard to find ways to copy Flickr to a new destination storage. Under such a circumstance, it quickly comes to most people’s minds that Google Photos is a wonderful alternative among a number of clouds. The following part will explain the reasons.

Why Choose Google Photos?

Both Flickr and Google Photos are good cloud service which can save and share photos but Google Photos has many advanced features compared to Flickr.

  • 1. This is known to all, Flickr’s up-loader is very slow and it supports basic upload way only. However, the up-loader of Google Photos is much faster and has more options, such as, automatically uploading photos from external media, auto-grouping photos by facial recognition. And, Google Photos is more flexible to download photos.
  • 2. Google Photos is better to explore photos. Google Photos can smart search specific photos via typing into, such as, objects name, site and so on.
  • 3. Google Photos offers free unlimited cloud storage and supports more photo formats than Flickr, such as, .rm2, .bmp, .webp and including RAW images.

Since you select Google Photos as an alternative, it’s a question on how to migrate photos from Flickr to Google Photos.

Solution1. Migrate Flickr to Google Photos: Download and Upload

Because there is no way to download photos from Flickr automatically, so you have to download these photos manually with a few extra steps through the traditional way: download and upload.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Flickr and log in.
Step 2: Click the icon in the top right corner and select “Settings”.
Step 3: Move to “Personal Information” interface and click on “Request my Flickr data” button in “Your Flickr Data” selection.

Request My Flickr Data
Request My Flickr Data

Step 4: Choose the zip file of photos and videos to download to the local storage.

Flickr Data
Download Zip File

Step 5: Login your Google Photos account.
Step 6: Click on “Upload” button to add these photos to Google Photos.

This method helps you download photos at once without selecting all the photos first, but there are still three important notes that you cannot ignore.


  • When you select several files to download at once, these photos will be compressed into a zip file. And you need to unzip the file before you upload them one by one.
  • The volume and resolution of the photos that you want to download determine how large the zip file is.
  • The volume of the file and the network speed affects the speed of downloading and uploading.

Solution 2. Migrate Flickr to Google Photos with MultCloud

Since you must take some steps and download manually under the instruction of method 1, you can turn to third-party tools for help. Here, Multcloud can help you.

MultCloud is a third party service which can help you migrate from Flickr to Google Photos without downloading and uploading. Maybe you are a bit worried about that third party tool is not safe for your data. Please be assured that MultCloud doesn't save account and data of your clouds. It is a security service for your data. Now let’s have a closer look at how to move pictures from Flickr to google photos via MultCloud.

Step 1. Sign up

To make use of MultCloud, you need to sign up.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Add clouds

Login your account and add Flickr and Google Photos to MultCloud.

Add Flickr and Google Photos
Add Flickr and Google Photos to MultCloud

Note: You can add only ONE cloud for one time. If you want to add more than one clouds, you need to repeat “Add Clouds” operation.

Step 3. Move Pictures from Flickr to Google Photos with "Cloud Transfer" Task

Create a transfer task to migrate Flickr to Google Photos through MultCloud. Click on “Cloud Transfer” button and select Flickr as the source and Google Photos as the destination. Then click on “Transfer Now” icon to complete the task.

Migrate Flikr to Google Photos
Transfer Flikr to Google Photos


  • If there are a lots of photos that need to transfer, you can close the page or even shut down your PC as long as the task starts because MultCloud can run your task at the background.
  • If there are some pictures you do not want to transfer, you can exclude them by enabling "Filter" under "Options".

Final Words

As you see, it’s quite easy to migrate Flickr to Google Photos following any solution above. If MultCloud is your choice, you can also transfer Google Photos to Flickr. And, MultCloud also supports dozens of cloud services, such as, Google drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Mega, Box, Yandex, Goole Photos etc. So, you can transfer or sync data, copy files to multiple folders, or sync photos between OneDrive and Google Photos via MultCloud if you need.

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