How to Upload Link to Dropbox?

For some files, they are able to be directly download to local computer when enter its URL link in browser. Therefore, you can first of all save them in local device, and then upload them from local to Dropbox cloud.

Yet, many other files can’t be downloaded to PC. Then, how to deal with them? Dropbox official desktop program can’t do such thing. Thus, you have to rely on a third party professional app, such as MultCloud. The following is the detailed steps teaching you how to upload URL link file to Dropbox.

1. Create MultCloud Account Freely

Since MultCloud is a web-based software, you only have to sign up to make use of its services instead of downloading and installing it on your machine. This is disk-space-saving.

2. Add Dropbox to MultCloud

After successfully become a user of MultCloud, you can freely use its free functions. Click “Add Clouds” tab and select “Dropbox” or “Dropbox for Business” depending on the type of your Dropbox account. Next, just follow the easy guidance to finish this step.

Add Dropbox
Add Dropbox Cloud Drive

3. Upload Link to Dropbox

When all above operations are done, move to “Cloud Explorer” and click the name of your new added Dropbox drive to make it active. In the right area, choose “Upload” on the top and select “Upload URL” in the pop-up window.

Upload URL Link to Dropbox
Upload URL Link to Dropbox

In the second pop-up window, type in target file’s URL link address and specify a filename for the file. Finally, click “OK”.

Add URL Link to Dropbox
Add URL Link to Dropbox


  • Please note that you’d better not change the default extension of the file name while creating new name for the file. Otherwise, the file will probably be un-viewable after being saved to destination.
  • You can only upload one link in one time currently. To add more such files, just repeat the task.

You can view the task status by clicking the little icon on upper right and select “URL Tasks”.

Add URL Task Success
Add URL Task Success

Finally, if the process success, you can have a check and find target file in Dropbox contents in Cloud Explorer or Dropbox webpage version. If not, just refresh the browser and you will see it.

Further to Explore about Upload Link to Dropbox

Firstly, as you may find out, you can directly upload local file to Dropbox with MultCloud platform in above third step. Besides, MultCloud can do many other managements to the cloud storages added into its platform just like the webpage version of each cloud drive, including but not limited to download/upload, create/delete, cut/copy/paste and share.

Secondly, except for Dropbox, MultCloud also supports Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Drive, MEGA, Box and so on altogether around 30 ones.

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