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[Two Ways] How to Add Multiple OneDrive Accounts in Windows 10?

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Oct. 17, 2019 | 4 mins read

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Did you want to use two OneDrive accounts on one computer? Here in this post, we will introduce two free methods to you to add multiple OneDrive accounts on Windows 10 PC. Following any solution from them, you can set up multiple OneDrive accounts on one computer.

Can You Manage Several OneDrive Accounts in Windows 10?

One person may have multiple OneDrive accounts for different reasons. He or she may have given access of some of these OneDrive accounts to other persons. Therefore, he or she wants to sync these accounts that managed by other persons to a folder of the OneDrive account that owned by himself or herself only.

If that is someone like you, you may want to integrate multiple OneDrive accounts into Windows Explorer. But it’s a question on how to manage them through your computer. Continue to read the following parts to find the solution.

Common Solution: How to Link Multiple OneDrive Accounts in Windows 10?

Since OneDrive desktop app has been integrated in Windows 10 now, you can run it directly without installing.

Step 1. Search OneDrive account through your PC, click” Open”.

Open OneDrive
Open OneDrive Account

Step 2. Enter in your email address and click “Sign in”.

Set Up OneDrive
Set Up OneDrive

Step 3. Enter password and click “Sign in”.

Sign In
Sign In OneDrive

Step 4. Click “Next” button.

Change Location
Change Location

Note: Your OneDrive folder is placed under C:\Users\Username\OneDrive by default. If you want to change the location, you can click “Change Location”.

Step 5. Click “Open My OneDrive Folder” and your files will be listed.

Open My OneDrive Folder
Open My OneDrive Folder

Step 6. To add your second OneDrive account, please click the OneDrive icon on the task bar.

OneDrive Icon
OneDrive Icon

Step 7. Select “Settings” from the pop up window.


Step 8. Click “Add on account” button and follow the above mentioned steps to add your second account to your Windows 10 PC.

Add an Account
Add an Account

Step 9. You can access these two folders via Windows File Explorer.

Manage Multiple OneDrive Accounts in Windows 10
Manage Multiple OneDrive Accounts in Windows 10

Following this solution, you can manage personal OneDrive and OneDrive for business account on same PC only, but you cannot connect two person OneDrive accounts on same PC. When you try to add another personal OneDrive account, you will see the error message “You’re already syncing a personal OneDrive on this computer. Unlink that account to add a new one”.

Error Message When Adding Second OneDrive Account
Error Message When Adding Second OneDrive Account

So is there any solution that can use multiple OneDrive accounts on Windows 10 without encountering above problem? Though many users have such a request, Microsoft does not have plans to support multiple personal OneDrive accounts on same computer. Luckily, there is a new workaround for managing not only several personal OneDrive accounts but also OneDrive for Business accounts in Windows 10 without the need to unlink or link several times.

Free Tool to Link Multiple OneDrive Accounts in Windows 10

The workaround is to use MultCloud. MultCloud is a free online cloud transfer manager that allows you to link all your OneDrive personal and business accounts altogether from one platform without switching cloud accounts. It supports more than 30 mainstream clouds including Google Drive, Gsuite, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Dropbox for Business, Google Photos, Flickr, etc.

MultCloud has three main features: “Cloud Explorer”, “Cloud Transfer” and “Cloud Sync”. For “Cloud Explorer”, you can upload files to your Mega account, manage same provider cloud accounts, and etc. For “Cloud Transfer” feature, it can help you transfer one cloud to another cloud. If you want to transfer Dropbox to Google Drive, you can make full use of it. For “Cloud Sync”, it can help you sync or back up files from one cloud to other cloud.

Popular Way: How to Add Multiple OneDrive Accounts with

With all of your OneDrive accounts linked together, you can perform quick search to locate specific files and easily manage them effectively. You can refer to the following steps to add multiple OneDrive accounts on your PC.

Step 1. Create One Account

Register one MultCloud account.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Add Clouds

Add your two OneDrive accounts to MultCloud by clicking “Add Clouds”.

Add OneDrive
Add OneDrive to MultCloud

Note: When going to add your second OneDrive account to MultCloud, you need to log in your second account through OneDrive official website site first, then back to MultCloud to add the second account.

Step 3. Manage Multiple OneDrive Accounts with MultCloud

After they are added to MultCloud successfully, you can manage both clouds under “Add Cloud Drives” in the left panel.

Manage Multiple OneDrive Accounts with MultCloud
Manage Multiple OneDrive Accounts with MultCloud

Compared to the common solution above, you may find it’s very easy to use multiple OneDrive accounts in Windows 10 Without logging in and out in just three steps. If you want to sync several OneDrive accounts, you can create a Cloud Sync task to achive your goal.

Sync OneDrive Account to Another with “Cloud Sync”

Click “Cloud Sync” feature, select first OneDrive as the source, select your second OneDrive account as the destination location, click “Sync Now” and wait for the process to complete.

Sync OneDrive Account to Another
Sync OneDrive Account to Another


  • If you just want to sync some folders from your first account to second account, when selecting the source, please select these folders only.
  • You can enable “Schedule” feature, and your task will be performed as scheduled when you close the page once the task is created.
  • You can also set an email notification to inform you if a sync task is performed. Besides organizing multiple OneDrive accounts in Windows 10, you can save wed files directly to cloud drive with MultCloud.
  • Summary

    Following above methods, you can easily add multiple OneDrive Accounts in Windows 10. However, the common solution is useless for adding two personal OneDrive accounts on one computer. Luckily, the popular way with MultCloud can resolve this problem perfectly. After reading this article, you may find MultCloud is not an application tool but a web-based app tool so there is no need to install it on your PC and even install it on your phone. As long as you have installed browser on your device and your device has Internet connection, you can access to MultCloud at any place.

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