How to Download to Dropbox from URL?

Usually, we need to rely on a third party professional software to download URL to Dropbox. Among those programs, MultCloud is an excellent one which deserves recommendation here. The following is the detailed steps for how to download a URL file to Dropbox.

Step 1. Register MultCloud for Free

MultCloud is a web-based service. Therefore, to make use of it, we only need to create an account of it.

Step 2. Add Dropbox Account to MultCloud Platform

Then, we should add Dropbox cloud account into MultCloud. In the main user interface, choose “Add Clouds” tab and select “Dropbox” or “Dropbox for Business” depending on our Dropbox account. Next, just follow the guidance.

Add Dropbox
Add Dropbox Cloud Drive

Step 3. Enter URL and Download to Dropbox

Then, it comes to the most important part. After successfully add Dropbox to MultCloud platform, we can see it in the left menu list in “Cloud Explorer” tab. Click on Dropbox drive to make it active and its contents will be listed in the right area. Click “Upload” in the top under “Cloud Explorer” and choose “Upload URL” in the pop-up window.

Upload URL Link to Dropbox
Download Link to Dropbox

In the next window, key in the web link of target file and specify a filename to it (optional). Finally, click “OK”.

Add URL Link to Dropbox
Download URL Link to Dropbox


  • Currently, only one URL file can be uploaded in one time. To add more files, just repeat the process
  • The extension of the file name should better be the same as its original one. Otherwise, target file may not be viewable after been uploaded to destination.

Why Take MultCloud to Download to Dropbox from URL

There are mainly 6 reasons to choose MultCloud instead of other URL file upload applications:

First of all, as an online program, there is no need to download and install MultCloud on our computer to occupy precious local hard disk space.

Secondly, MultCloud webpage software can be applied to all local devices like desktop, notebook, laptop, pad and cellphone; all explorers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Opera and Safari; as well as all operating systems including Windows Server and PC, Linux, Mac, ios, Android, Chrome OS, etc.

Thirdly, besides Dropbox, MultCloud still supports Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon cloud, MEGA, Box, etc. altogether about 30 different clouds.

Fourthly, besides direct uploading to cloud storage, MultCloud enables us to transfer/move/migrate files from cloud to cloud, sync among clouds, copy/backup from one cloud to another, and many other basic cloud drive managements.

Fifthly, MultCloud is safe and reliable. It won’t save the account information and cloud storages from us.

Sixthly, MultCloud has a simple and clear UI and is easy to carry out all kinds of tasks.

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