How Do I Transfer Google Drive to G Suite?

Transfer from Google Drive to G Suite
Transfer from Google Drive to G Suite

“Hi there, I have one personal Google Drive account and one company G Suite account. I have a lot of files in my Google Drive and I want to transfer all files from my personal Google Drive to G Suite for file management. Thus, I would like to know that, is there any solution that can help me transfer from Google Drive to G Suite easily? Can someone tell me the solution? Thanks”

Nowadays, almost everyone would ask above problem whether you are at school, at the company, or at other institutions. Many organizations are using G Suite for staff management and document management. However, the problem is that how to achieve migration between Google Drive and G Suite. Here in this post, you will find three ways to help you migrate Google Drive to GSuite.

How to Migrate Google Drive to G Suite?

Method 1. Download and Upload

Step 1. Log in your personal Google Drive account.
Step 2. Select files and folders that you want to download to your local drive, select “Download” button and wait for the process to complete.

Download Files from Google Drive
Download Files from Google Drive

Step 3. Log in your G Suite account.
Step 4. Click “Upload” button to upload files from your local drive to your G Suite account and wait for the process to complete.

Note: After downloading folders to your PC, they will be converted into corresponding files. If you need to upload original folders to your G Suite account, then you need to extract these files first before uploading.

Method 2. Use “Share” utility with Google Drive

Step 1. Log in your personal account.
Step 2. Select all files and folders under this cloud and click “Share” button.


Step 3. Enter your G Suite account as the recipient, assign permissions “Is owner” to your G Suite under the “Advanced”, click “Send” button and wait for the process to complete.

Share Settings 2
Share Settings 2

Step 4. Log in your G Suite account and you will find these files and folders under “My Drive” of your account.

Note: After selecting “Is owner”, the ownership will be transferred to your company G Suite account and you cannot change the permissions anymore.

Following these methods can be useful to these users whose data is not very large to migrate personal Google Drive to G Suite. If the data size is very large, then it would take a lot of time to complete the migration process.

Using method 1, the time that needs to download files is based on your Internet connection and you cannot close the page until the process is done. You cannot change the share settings after using the method 2. To avoid such a situation, here we will offer a popular way for you to help you transfer between Google Drive to G Suite to overcome the limitations of the traditional ways.

Method 3. Migrate Google Drive to G Suite with MultCloud

Using MultCloud, a free cloud transfer service aims at transferring files from one cloud to other clouds from one platform without downloading and uploading could be a smart way to help you achieve your demand.

Currently, MultCloud supports more than 30 clouds including G Suite, Dropbox for Business, OneDrive for Business, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. With the help of MultCloud, it can help you complete your task with ease. Following parts will guide you step by step to achieve personal Google Drive to G Suite migration.

Step 1. Create One MultCloud Account

Before performing the operation, it’s necessary to have one MultCloud account. You may need to create it or click “Experience without signing up” option to get one temp account to have a try.

Create an account
Create an account

Step 2. Add Clouds to MultCloud

After logging in MultCloud, you should add your Google Drive and G Suite to MultCloud by clicking “Add Clouds” icon. Click “Google Drive” from listed cloud drives and follow the instruction to complete adding it to MultCloud.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive

Follow the same instructions to add G Suite to MultCloud. But there’s a slight difference in adding G Suite to MultCloud. Before adding it to MultCloud, you need to check the prerequisites given below.

Add G Suite
Add G Suite


  • To add G Suite to MultCloud, you need to confirm if you have the G Suite administrator permissions. If you do not have it, contact your G Suite administrator and assign "Super Admin" role to you.
  • You need to log in G Suite official website first.
  • You need to install “Cloud Transfer---MultCloud” first through G Suite Marketplace app and install it through “DOMAIL INSTALL”. If you select "Individual Install", you are unable to add G Suite to MultCloud.
  • If you have removed Cloud Transfer---MultCloud through Google Admin console---Apps---G Suite Marketplace apps, then MultCloud will fail to list any members of your domain.

When the above conditions are all ready, go back to MultCloud to add G Suite to MultCloud.

Step 3. Google Drive to G Suite Transfer with “Cloud Transfer”

Go to “Cloud Transfer”, select entire Google Drive as the source, select directory to store personal Google Drive under G Suite as the destination, click “Transfer Now” and wait for the process to complete.

Migrate from Personal Google Drive to G Suite
Migrate from Personal Google Drive to G Suite


  • G Suite cannot be selected as the destination. You need to select its subdirectory as the destination path.
  • “Cloud Transfer” utility supports transferring folders only. If you want to transfer files only, please use “Cloud Explorer”.
  • If there are a lot of files to transfer, as long as the task begins, you can close the page or close your computer because MultCloud supports the offline transfer.


You can easily migrate Google Drive to G suite following any solution aboves. You can select the one that you are most interested in to perform the migration process. If you prefer to use the new way with MultCloud, in addition to “Cloud Transfer”, MultCloud also has “Cloud Explorer” and “Cloud Sync”.

As Google Drive is widely used by us due to its powerful features, if you want to move files from one Google Drive to another, you can use “Cloud Explorer”. If you would like to create sync relationships between clouds like syncing Google Drive with Dropbox, you can use “Cloud Sync”.


How do I move Google Drive to G Suite?

You can use 2 ways to help migrate Google Drive to G Suite. The common way that we can think of is "Download" and "Upload" but it takes time to complete if your network is not in good condition. The popular way is relying on a third-party service, MultCloud.

How fast would be the migration?

Many factors can affect the speed of data transfer, ranging from data size, folder structure, and limiting issues with cloud providers. Get in touch with our support staff to share your source and target details for an accurate estimate of your migration timeline.

What's the difference between Google Drive and G Suite?

The biggest difference between the two is the management feature of G Suite. It is specially designed to allow you to manage other people's accounts as well as your own. You choose which applications, files, etc. a given individual can access. When someone leaves the company, you can disable their access. When some changes roles, you can change their access permissions.

Can I migrate a specific file or folder?

Sure, you can migrate specific file, folder or a group of folders. If you want to migrate specific file, you can drag and paste it through "Cloud Explorer"; if you want to migrate folder or group of folders, you can make it by using "Cloud Transfer".

Is MultCloud capable of accessing content in my cloud service, like reading or downloading my files?

No, MultCloud cannot access your content. MultCloud can only access the metadata information of the file and we can use the file to migration the file. Please rest assured that all data is saved in your own cloud.

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