About Uploading Files via URL Links

What is Uploading File via URL?

Upload file via URL means to save files, folders, documentaries, sheets, pictures, photos, videos, movies, etc. just by inputting the address links which indicate where them locate into a file upload software, then they will be downloaded to the target location (usually a cloud drive storage) from source places.

Where Does Upload File From URL Applies?

If the source files are not on the local hard disk where the upload software locates, if they are in another remote server or on a cloud drive, then, you can first generate a URL link of these files and then upload them to target location relying on the URL addresses of them.

The Advantages of Remote URL Upload

It is easy and fast to upload files from remote storages directly to target clouds through URL links. Thus, you do not have to first download target files from its source place to local storage disk and then upload from local to destination. If it is a task of moving files from one cloud to another, just share and generate links of files to be moved, then upload these files from the shared links to target cloud.

Remote upload is truly a good choice to direct upload files without downloading first, but how to realize remote upload? The following part will tell you the answer.

How to Upload File via URL?

Just as mentioned above, the work of uploading file from URL is easy to operate, only if there is a file upload app. The following will take upload to Google Drive from URL for example. As we all know, Google Drive its own file upload feature can only save files from local devices, thus, we need a remote URL upload freeware to help us do the task. Yes, a third-party program is needed.

MultCloud is a multiple cloud storage manager which aims to put several cloud drives into one place and manage them without shifting from one cloud to another. It can help you add files from URLs easily and quickly to your cloud with "Cloud Explorer" function. Let’s have a closer look at how it works.

To remotely upload files to Google Drive, you should first of all register an account of the web-based MultCloud. You can find sign up entrances in every page of its official website at top right navigation or bottom left navigation; or, at the banner of its home page; or, just from its sign up page.

After successfully account creation, you can go forward and add your Google Drive into this software. Select "Add Cloud" and click on "Google Drive". Then, follow the guidance to finish Google Drive adding.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive

Then, you can see Google Drive is in the cloud drive list at the left menu. You can access any files in "My Drive" folder of Google Drive here. We suggest you try on Chrome browser because there is an interesting extension related to MultCloud and Google Drive.

Google Drive in Multcloud
Google Drive in Multcloud

Click on "Remote Upload" in Google Drive tab to trigger the upload file via URL link window.

Google Drive Upload
Google Drive Upload

In the pop up window, enter/paste the source file URL link address. You can also specify the name. Anyhow, make sure the extension name of the file is set properly; otherwise, the uploaded file will not be opened and showed as it original is.

Specify URL
Specify URL

You can view the URL tasks by clicking on the "Remote Upload" icon. There, you can see where the task is succeed or not.

URL Tasks
Upload File via URL

And, if the upload file via URL is succeed, you can view the file in Google Drive tab. Or, you can view it in your Google Drive cloud. Isn't is very easy and fast? Then, you can continue to add other files from URL.




MultCloud can not only help you upload file via URL but also can transfer and sync data among cloud drives. If you want to move files from one cloud to another, you can use “Cloud Transfer” feature. For example, you can migrate Flickr to Google Photos, move Dropbox to OneDrive or transfer MEGA to Google Drive. You can also use “Cloud Sync” function to sync between clouds, if necessary, you can sync multiple Google Drive accounts or sync photos between OneDrive and Google Photos.

You can add all clouds related and have easy management of them just like in your Windows Explorer.

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