Can You Transfer Files from One FTP Server to Another?

"I have two FTP server accounts, that is to say, FTP A and FTP B. I want to transfer files and folders from FTP A to FTP B directly. I know that I can download content from FTP A and re-upload it to FTP B manually, but this will take a long time to complete because there are lots of files and folders under FTP A. I would like to know is there any fast way to help transfer files between FTP servers?"

As we all know, achieving FTP to FTP transfer by manually downloading and uploading is the most common way, however, that would waste plenty of your time and effort, especially when data is quite enormous. If you are looking for an easier way to transfer files from FTP server to FTP server without downloading, here we recommend you try a free web-based cloud-to-cloud transfer service, MultCloud, which can help you to transfer files from one FTP server to another FTP directly and quickly without manually downloading files to local disk.

Why Transfer Files between Two FTP Servers?

For professionals, FTP, also called File Transfer Protocol, is not really new to them at all. It is a standard network protocol for transferring computer files between a client and a server on a computer network. FTP is built on a client-server model architecture that uses separate control and data connections between the client and the server. It's used to transfer data between computers on a network consisting of clients and servers. It’s no surprise to transfer files between two remote servers because it can largely improve work efficiency.

  • Data Backup and Redundancy: Many organizations maintain multiple FTP servers to ensure data redundancy and backup. Transferring files between these servers helps ensure data integrity and availability in case one server experiences issues or failures.
  • Data Synchronization: When multiple FTP servers are used to store the same data, regularly transferring files between them helps keep the data synchronized. This ensures that all servers have the most up-to-date versions of files.
  • Collaboration and File Sharing: FTP servers are often used for collaboration and file sharing among teams and organizations. Transferring files between servers allows different teams to access and exchange files securely.

Transfer Files between FTP Servers without Downloading (3 Simple Steps)

Transfer from FTP Server to FTP Server
Transfer from FTP Server to FTP Server

MultCloud, as its name suggests, is a multiple-cloud storage manager. It is designed for managing multiple cloud drives including FTP servers by adding these clouds to it securely. In other words, it is a website built entirely to help you transfer, sync, or backup files between different cloud drive services directly without downloading files to local devices. In just 3 steps, you can easily move files between FTP servers. 

Step 1: Sign up for MultCloud for free.

Step 2: Add your FTP accounts to MultCloud by clicking on "Add Cloud" and following the guidance of the pop-up window.

Add FTP Account to MultCloud
Add FTP Account to MultCloud

Note: To distinguish between these two FTP accounts, you can name your first FTP account as FTP 1 and another FTP account as FTP 2.

Step 3: Click on "Cloud Transfer", select your FTP 1 account as the source, then select your FTP 2 account as the destination. Then click on the button "Transfer Now" and the process will begin by itself.

Transfer between Two FTP Servers by Cloud Transfer
Transfer between Two FTP Servers by Cloud Transfer


  • Since MultCloud supports offline transfer, the transfer task will be performed by the background program of MultCloud, you can close the website or even close your computer as long as the task starts.
  • If you are going to do FTP to FTP transfer automatically and periodically, you could open the "Schedule" window and set daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled transfer tasks.
  • MultCloud sets no limit on the speed of data transfer so you can transfer from FTP to FTP fast. However, suppose you upgrade your MultCloud account to a higher level. In that case, the transfer speed will be increased amazingly because you will get 8 additional threads instead of only 2 to transfer data.

Currently, MultCloud already supports more than 30+ leading cloud drive services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, Flickr, etc. And it also supports other protocols like FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, etc. So, you can not only transfer files from one FTP server to another, but you can also move files across many other cloud drives.


As you can see through the above instruction, MultCloud has the ability to help you transfer files between FTP servers in just 3 easy steps, which saves you a lot of time on file transfer compared to complicated downloading and uploading with an unstable network.

Apart from "Cloud Transfer", MultCloud also comes with many other useful functions like "Cloud Sync" and "Cloud Backup", the "Cloud Sync" feature allows you to sync files among different cloud drives while the "Cloud Backup" is designed for backing up data from one cloud to another. If you want to sync FTP to Google Drive and other of your clouds, you can make full use of the feature called Cloud Sync.

What's more, if you are trying to share files from an FTP server with your friends, you are able to share through 3 different modes like Public Share, Private Share (password protection), and Source Share in MultCloud based on your requirements.

Are there different types of FTP?
Yes, there are two main types of FTP: FTP (insecure) and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). FTP sends data in plaintext, while SFTP encrypts data, making it more secure. Most users prefer to use SFTP for security reasons.
What information do I need to connect to an FTP server?
To connect to an FTP server, you typically need the server's address (e.g., hostname or IP address), a username, and a password. Some servers might require additional information like a port number.
What's the difference between FTP and FTPS?
FTPS (FTP Secure) is an extension of FTP that adds encryption and security to the file transfer process. It can use either SSL (FTPS Implicit) or TLS (FTPS Explicit) to secure the connection.
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