FTP and MultCloud

FTP (File Transfer Protocol), which is commonly used to transfer web page files from their creator to the computer that acts as their sites for everyone on the Internet. It鈥檚 also commonly used to download programs and other files to your computer from other sites. You can also use anonymous FTP to transfer files from public accounts on many remote hosts that allow you to log on without having an account at that site.

You may wonder is there a FTP client that helps you transfer files directly from one server to another and avoid having to download to your computer first then uploading to another site. Yes, you can do that with MultCloud.

MultCloud, as the name suggests, is a multi-cloud management application. It is a 100% FREE web-based application built entirely to help people transfer files between different services, such as FTP sites and cloud drives (eg. Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Box, Amazon S3 and SugarSync).

How to perform site to site transferring with MultCloud

Firstly, you should register an account of MultCloud then sign up it and add FTP sites.

Add FTP account

The display name can be customed. In this tutorial, I type "FTP 1" and "FTP 2" for ease remembering each FTP sites.

Secondly, after you have added two FTP sites in MultCloud, you can select the files or folders to be transferred. Then you right click it, you will have two options: copy and "Copy to".

Shortcut Menu

I think "Copy to" is easier than copying. Because you don's need to paste in another FTP site, only setting in the pop-up window is OK.

"Copy to" Setting

Notice that the optional box "Move", if you want to remove the original file, you can check it.

In addition, I think the easiest way of transferring files is dragging. The only thing you need to do is holding left mouse button and dragging the target file from FTP 2 to FTP 1.

Dragging Files to Transfer Them

Now, you see, once you have added FTP sites in MultCloud. Many things become easier, you can move files seamless from one site to another, preview before transferring, quick search and so on. What's more, 256-bit encryption is applied on the data transmission in MultCloud, please feel relieved the use.

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