Both FTP and Dropbox are useful

Both Dropbox and FTP are used by lots of people for different reasons. People usually use FTP hosting a website server. Dropbox is a famous cloud drive. People can store files in it and share files to friends with it. However, FTP and Dropbox are two different formats, sometimes people need to transfer, sync and backup files from FTP to Dropbox quickly or vice versa.

Transfer files from FTP to Dropbox with MultCloud

Since the need of transferring, syncing and backing up files from FTP to Dropbox quickly, downloading the files from one side and then re-uploading them to another manually is undesirable. Fortunately, there is a better way now. With a tool named MultCloud, Moving FTP to Dropbox directly is possible, and it is easily and quickly. MultCloud is a FREE multi-cloud management application that supports both FTP and Dropbox.

Steps of transferring files from FTP to Dropbox

1.MultCloud is a web-based application so open your browser and input MultCloud’s URL:

Main interface of MultCloud

2.Create an account please. This is easy and fast, entering your preferred email address, username, password and the verification code. Then confirm your account in your email. Another way to to sign in MultCloud is to click the Experience link.

Register an account of MultCloud

3.Log in and add services to MultCloud.

Add Dropbox and FTP
Add Dropbox

Follow the instructions to grant MultCloud access to the Dropbox account. FTP requires your server address, username and password. Then you can move files from one FTP to another.

4.Transferring files from FTP to Dropbox by dragging. This is the fastest way.

Transfer files from FTP to Dropbox

Scheduled file copy: This is a better way for transferring huge numbers of files from FTP to Dropbox. When you set time and other options, the task can be committed even power off.

Schedule Task


MultCloud as a multiple cloud storage manager supports a wide range of services:

Google Drive, Box, Amazon S3, Amazon Cloud Drive, SugarSync, Alfresco, Hubic, Evernote, OneDrive, MEGA, CloudMe, Cubby, MyDrive, WEB.DE, Yandex, HiDrive, MySQL, Flickr, MediaFire, ownCloud, ADrive, BaiDu and WebDav.

MultCloud has many management operations. You can copy, move, delete, preview files from right-click context menu.

Right-click context menu of MultCloud

Multcloud Key Features

  • Cloud Transfer

    Transfer files in cloud drives, FTP and WebDav for easily file management and information delivery.

  • Cloud Sync

    Sync two clouds or directories in two clouds through two-way sync or one-way sync.

  • Cloud Explorer

    Combine multiple cloud storages into one and manage them like in Windows explorer.