The Uses of FTP And MultCloud

FTP is a method to transfer files across the Internet using an FTP client program. You can use it to transfer text, pictures,videos and programs between computer accounts on various host computers. It is widely use to copy files between computers on campus.

Now more and more people asked on the forum as how can they copy files directly from one FTP to another, without downloading to local disk first? Following is a detail example:

I have 2 FTP accounts, and I want to copy important files from one host to another, but there are many files, and downloading them to my PC then uploading them to another FTP would take a lot of time, therefore I want to know how to copy files directly from FTP to another.

Instead of downloading files from source server to computer and re-uploading from computer to destination server, isn't there any shortcut way or any FTP utility could do this? Now I can reliably tell you that MultCloud allows you copy files from one FTP server to another directly. It is a FREE app and has the simplest method to accomplish server-to-server transfers. One of MultCloud most useful features is the ability to open multiple server connections at the same time and transfer files between them. Besides FTP to FTP, it also supports transfer files between FTP and cloud drives, or between cloud storages such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

How to Use MultCloud to Copy Files From One FTP to Another?

Step1: Just sign up MultCloud, log in and add your two FTP accounts that you want to copy files. See picture below: to add FTP account need FTP server, FTP username and FTP password.

Add FTP account

Step2: After adding the FTP accounts to MultCloud, this web-based application will enable you quickly transfer your desired information from one FTP server to another in an effective and easy way.

Shortcut Menu

Right click the target file and select "Copy" or "Copy to". If you select 鈥淐opy鈥�, you should paste it in another FTP like the copy&paste operation in Windows Explorer. Here focus mainly on "Copy to", if you select "Copy to", there will be a pop-up window:

"Copy to" Setting

Select FTP 1 as destination FTP server first, then click "Transfer" button. The left bottom optional box "Move" means remove original file after transferring.

Highlight: Dragging file(s) between two FTP accounts

An even simpler method is directly dragging file from on FTP server to another by holding the left mouse button, please refer to the following screenshot.

Dragging File


The authorization system of MultCloud is based on OAuth, and 256-bit encryption is applied on the data transmission in MultCloud. So it's 100% safe for you to copy files from one FTP to another without downloading to the location.

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