Why Need Online Photo Album Sharing?

Online Photo Album to Share
Online Photo Album to Share

While social media like Facebook and Instagram encourage a culture of sharing photos online, there are still some moments that even the most active social media users do not want the world to see. There are always some events in your life that you are only willing to share with a select few. Perhaps it is an intimate celebration, like a coming-of-age ceremony or a private party.

So how do you upload photos and how to share photo albums with family and friends without making them open to the public? Here are the 5 best online photo albums for sharing your photos privately online.

5 Best Online Photo Album Sharing Services in 2023

If you want to upload your digital photos and share private photo albums online so that you can display them to your family and friends, you can use one of the many free online photo album storage and file-sharing services according to your needs. Here are some of the most popular ones for you to choose from.

1. Google Photos

Google Photos
Google Photos

Formerly called Picasa Web Albums, Google Photos is a very attractive option that allows photos of 16 megapixels or less and easy online photo sharing. Users' photos are uploaded at full resolution and can be downloaded at the same resolution when shared with friends and family via the phone number or email address.

You can create online photo albums or video albums and share them publicly with everyone or only with specific users who also have Google accounts. In addition, you can even give these people the right to upload photos and videos to your albums, which makes it possible to bring all your friends and family members together in one place. 

Pros and Cons: You can get 15 GB of free storage shared with Google Drive while enjoying lots of face tagging and photo-sharing features.

2. iCloud Photos


The iCloud service of Apple is greatly integrated with the Apple Photos software on iOS and macOS devices. But iCloud only provides the basic functionality on the Windows PC. You can upload photos and videos with a free 5GB storage. Then you can share photo albums with an online photo stream that can be viewed on the website or Apple Photos.

Apple Photos can identify and group similar faces images. The images can then be tagged with the person's name and contact information. You can share online photos and videos at any time, or create a collaborative album to achieve online photo album sharing privately with your friends and family.

Pros and Cons: You will get simple sharing tools like AirDrop or Contacts but may face difficulty when using iCloud on Android or Windows devices.

3. Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos
Amazon Photos

With so many great online file sharing features similar to Google Photos and iCloud, Amazon Photos may be a better choice for the online photo album to share with friends and family. It is offered free of charge to all Amazon Prime members and has deep connections with other Amazon products. This means that you can view your library or online photo albums on the screen of any Fire TV or Alexa.

You can add up to 5 family members to the "Family Vault" of Amazon Photos. Then all of you can collect and share photo albums. You can also share individual photos and albums via email or a sharing link.

Pros and Cons: Easy photo pooling for family members and unlimited storage for Prime members. Fully integrated with other Amazon products.

4. Flickr


Flickr is still one of the most famous online photo album sharing sites. The service concentrates on high-quality photo-sharing experiences. The free version of Flick has a lot of great features. 

You are allowed to upload up to 1000 photos in a free Flickr account. You can store photos in full resolution and your viewers can download photos in full resolution as well. Your family and friends can create free Flickr accounts to view photos in your online photo albums. Alternatively, you can easily figure out how to share photos on Flickr by sharing your entire photo stream or individual photos and albums via email.

Pros and Cons: You will get plenty of online storage for sharing photo albums with family and friends. What’s more, you can get like or comment from them in time.

5. SmugMug


SmugMug has excellent photo-sharing features and a series of beautiful layout templates to help you show off your photos and share albums with your friends and family. You can organize photos into albums, making it easier to navigate through all your photos. You can also update the theme of your album at any time to change the layout in which your photos are displayed.

Pros and Cons: You will get a good range of editing tools but may not be able to find a free plan.

The above 5 services for sharing photo albums online all provide wonderful sharing options while saving your local storage and giving your shared photos with great security protection. You can choose one of these services according to your specific demands. 

Besides, if you are wondering how to share photo album with friends and family, here we have tested out a great solution with clear operation guide below.

How to Achieve Online Photo Album Sharing in an Easy Way - MultCloud

Except for sharing photo albums online through individual services mentioned above, here’s an easier and more efficient way to share online albums from any cloud storage service with your friends and family securely in one easy-to-use interface for free. All you need is a MultCloud account and a browser of PC or mobile phone.


As the best professional cloud file manager, MultCloud supports more than 30 major clouds and provides excellent features for cloud file sharing, cloud file migration, and cloud file management.

  • Share photo albums from clouds with flexibility and security: Public Share, Private Share (password), and Source Share.
  • Request photos and videos from others to your cloud albums easily: Allow to Upload.
  • Share online photos in an album across clouds and collaborate with non-cloud users: Sub-accounts Management.

Use MultCloud for Online Photo Album Sharing

Step 1. Sign up MultCloud and log in.

Sign Up MultCloud
Sign Up MultCloud

Step 2. Choose a cloud storage service that you have and add it to MultCloud. Here we take Google Photos as an example.

Add Google Photos to MultCloud
Add Google Photos to MultCloud


  • You can add the countless number of clouds to MultCloud for free.
  • MultCloud uses the OAuth authorization system to connect your clouds without storing the username and password.

Step 3. Find an album in your Google Photos account and click “Share”. 
Step 4. Choose a sharing mode in the pop-up window and click “Create Share”.
Step 5. “Copy” the sharing link and share the album by yourself or by the listed ways below the sharing link.

Achieve Online Photo Album Sharing Privately with Friends and Family
Achieve Online Photo Album Sharing Privately with Friends and Family


  • If there’s no album or photo in your Google Photos account, you can “Upload” photos or upload folder to Google Photos, and you can create “New Folder” as an album in Google Photos directly in MultCloud.
  • To share the album more safely, you can try the Private Share mode so that recipients need to view your album with the password set by yourself.

When your friends and family receive the sharing link of your photo album, they can open the link to view or download photos from the album. Or, they can create MultCloud accounts to copy your shared photos to their clouds directly without downloading and uploading. 

And if you want your recipients to upload photos and videos to your shared album, just move to the “My shares” list to turn on the “Allow to Upload” button.

Enable Google Photos File Requests in MultCloud
Enable Google Photos File Requests in MultCloud

Bonus Tip: How to Create Online Photo Album in MultCloud

If you are a MultCloud subscriber, you can create sub-accounts for your friends and family and add them to a cloud folder with access permissions. Then all of you can upload and share photos in this album no matter your friends and family have cloud storage services or not. This is also a great team collaboration solution.

Create Photo Album in MultCloud
Create Photo Album in MultCloud


In a world where we communicate with each other not only through messages but also through photos and videos, achieving online photo album sharing with your friends and family would be great for you to keep in touch with them while protecting your privacy from being attacked by strangers.

In addition, as you can find that MultCloud can not only help you share cloud files with everyone securely but also help you transfer files between cloud storage services seamlessly, you can try the Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, Team Transfer functions to transfer Google Photos to Flickr or other clouds with a single click.

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