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User Case: Can I Upload a Folder to Google Photos

“I have an entire folder that is full of photos and videos and I want to drag all these photos to Google Photos and make an album here. I tried dragging the folder to the browser but nothing happens. So, is it possible to drag a folder full of images into Google Photos?” – A Question from Reddit

How Do I Upload an Entire Folder to Google Photos?

Google Photos
Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the best free online photo storage service. It has a simple interface, nice navigation, and an intelligent search feature that allows you to view pictures quickly by different objects and places. With Google Photos, users can save and access their numerous pictures as long as the local devices are connected to the Network.

Normally, people create different albums or folders on local devices to save their photos, which makes it easier to access a certain picture. Thus, it is natural that users want those folders to be orderly shown up on Google Photos as well. However, no folder will be displayed on the main page of Google Photos. So, can people upload an entire folder to Google Photos directly?

Although some people failed to upload folders to Google Photos, it doesn’t mean Google Photos doesn’t support uploading folders. If you have a problem in uploading an entire folder to Google Photos, you can refer to the following content to learn 3 useful ways to upload photo folder to Google Photos on PC and phone respectively.

Upload Folder to Google Photos from PC

If you have multiple photo folders to upload to Google Photos, it’s wiser to upload them on PC. Even though you aren’t allowed to upload multiple folders to Google Photos at the same time, you are able to upload an entire folder to Google Photos directly. In this section, 2 useful methods are offered to help you upload a folder to Google Photos on PC. Now, you can read below to learn the detailed steps:

Method 1: Make Google Photos Upload Folder by Drive for Desktop

Drive for Desktop is specialized in backing up data from local devices to Google Drive and Google Photos. With the help of this technical service, you can easily upload photo folders to Google Photos. Here are the detailed operations:

Step 1: Download Drive for Desktop on your PC, then sign into your Google account.
Step 2: Head to the My computer button, tap Add folder and tick Back up to Google Photos. And select any folder you want to backup to Google Photos.

Backup to Google Photos
Backup to Google Photos

After completing the settings, the photo folder will be uploaded automatically to Google Photos. If you find it too messy to display on the main page of Google Photos, you can create an album on Google Photos and move images into it.

Tip: Although turning on Drive for Desktop is a good way to upload an entire folder to Google Photos, users sometimes cannot sign into their Google account somehow, making it tough to upload data to Google Photos.

Method 2: Upload Folder to Google Photos by Dragging and Dropping

Instead of using Google Backup and Sync, you can simply go to Google Photos web app and drag the photo folder into the window. After the uploading process is finished, Google Photos will prompt you to add all those photos to an album so that photos in the folder will be displayed orderly in the album you created on Google Photos.

Step 1: Log in to your Google Photos with your Google account.
Step 2: Drag the photo folder and drop it to the interface of Google Photos.
Step 3: After the uploading is completed, there will be a pop-up window showing you Add to album or Share album. Then, tap Add to album.

Add to Album
Add to Album

Step 4: You can choose to add to an album that already exists, or add to a New album.

New Album on Google Photos
New Album on Google Photos

Upload Folder to Google Photos on Phone

If you have photo folders on your phone and want to upload them to Google Photos app, you can refer to the method below. Even though uploading folder to Google Photos on phone is not as easy as uploading folder to Google Photos on computer, this method is helpful:

Step 1: Sort your photos and make different folders.
Step 2: Go to the Library on your Google Photos.
Step 3: Locate the photo folder you want to upload to Google Photos app. Here, you will see different icons next to the name of that folder:

  • Blue cloud icon with an upward arrow: backup of that photo folder is enabled. 
  • White cloud icon with a slash through it: backup of that folder is disabled.

And you should check if there is a blue cloud icon, which means the photo folder will be uploaded to Google Photos.

Different Icons
Different Icons

Bonus Tip: How to Move Photos from Google Drive to Google Photos

Apparently, Google Photos is a good choice to store photos and videos due to build-in editing and search feature, so many people prefer to upload folder to Google Photos. However, starting from July 2019, new photos in Google Drive will not be transferred to Google Photos automatically and vice versa. Since Google Drive doesn’t offer online editing for photos, it’s not convenient to manage images here.

Thus, migrating images from Google Drive to Google Photos is a feasible way to fix the problem. Traditionally, users would download photos from Google Drive and then upload them to Google Photos. If there are a few photos, it’s a feasible way.

Nevertheless, if you have a large number of photos to be added from Google Drive to Google Photos, download-and-reupload is time-consuming. Now, you might wonder if there is a way that can avoid downloading and re-uploading.

Fortunately, the answer is yes! Users can take advantage of MultCloud, a specialized cloud file manager, which can help you not only upload, download and share photos, but also allows you to transfer and sync files without any effort.


MultCloud is a FREE cloud file manager that can help users transfer from one cloud to another, and also offers a platform for users to manage multiple cloud services such as Google Drive, Google Photos, OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP, etc, in one place. Now, the way to transfer photos from Google Drive to Google Photos is as follows:

Step 1: Sign up for a MultCloud account, or you can log in with your Facebook or Google account directly.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2: Head to Add Cloud to add Google Drive and Google Photos respectively by following the guidance showing on the pop-up window.

Add Google Drive and Google Photos
Add Google Drive and Google Photos

Step 3: Go to Cloud Transfer, and select Google Drive as the source directory and Google Photos as the target directory. Then click Transfer Now.

Transfer Google Drive to Google Photos
Transfer Google Drive to Google Photos


1. If you find your Google Photos upload stuck, then uploading photos with MultCloud can easily avoid the problem.

2. In addition to Cloud Transfer, MultCloud also offers other useful features such as Remote Upload and Cloud Sync. The former one allows you to transfer files from URL, torrent files and magnet links directly to your cloud services, and the former one provides you 9 different sync modes like Real-Time Sync.


In a word, users are allowed to upload folder to Google Photos on PC or Phone, and you can follow any way above to achieve this task. In addition, if you want to transfer photos from Google Drive to Google Photos, intelligent MultCloud can work it out effortlessly.

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