OneDrive Schedule Sync with MultCloud

MultCloud is a professional cloud sync software which can help you achieve automatically cloud to cloud files sync.

1. Sign up MultCloud

To make use of MultCloud service, you should first of all create an account of it. Just sign up and without downloading and installation.

2. Add OneDrive

Then, sign in to MultCloud online platform and add your OneDrive account(s) there. In the main interface, click on “Add Cloud” tab on the left and select “OneDrive” or “OneDrive for Business” according to the type of your account. Next, just follow the easy guidance to finish adding OneDrive cloud.

Add OneDrive
Add OneDrive to MultCloud

Note: Only one cloud drive account is allowed to be included in MultCloud for one time. To add more accounts, just repeat this progress.

3. Set OneDrive Schedule Sync

Move to “Cloud Sync” tab and specify source and destination OneDrive directory.

Sync from One OneDrive to Another
Sync from One OneDrive Account to Another

Then, tick up “Schedule” on the lower left to trigger cloud sync schedule window. There, you can get all kinds of OneDrive sync schedule set.

Daily Sync

You can make it run daily for several times exactly at the set time point(s).

Schedule Daily Sync
Schedule Daily Sync

Weekly Sync

You are able to build a schedule based on a week.

Schedule Weekly Sync
Schedule Weekly Sync

Monthly Sync

Finally, a time period cycle of a month is also available.

Schedule Monthly Sync
Schedule Monthly Sync

Finally, you can choose “Add Task Only” to only set sync schedule for OneDrive or select “Add Task and Sync Now” to both save schedule and carry out this sync task right now.

Schedule Sync Task
Schedule Sync Task

Can You Schedule an OneDrive Schedule Sync?

Yes, of course but should with the help of MultCloud software. With this online service, it is easy and safe to build a proper schedule settings that suits you most to sync to OneDrive.

As for how to change schedule sync with OneDrive, just click on the “Task List” icon on the left side, find the sync task, click the menu button and select “Schedule”.

Change Sync Schedule
Change Sync Schedule
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