Microsoft OneDrive has large users

Why many people have multiple OneDrive accounts? There are many reasons. In the earliest time, one people have several email accounts is a common thing. Microsoft provides many email brands, such as hotmail, outlook, etc. All Microsoft email address can active Microsoft cloud drive - SkyDrive, now called OneDrive. And then Windows 10 comes, OneDrive has been integrated in the system. There are more and more people use OneDrive. How to manage them together? How to sync two OneDrive accounts? People are looking for the best way.

Why need third party tool to do synchronization

You can install OneDrive client on your desktop. Switch from one account to another is easy, but you can’t log in them at the same time. The share function of OneDrive is OK, but it can’t commit automatically. If you are prefer to use Surface, manage multiple OneDrives is a headache since you have no mouse. More than two accounts is difficult to manage. If we can put all of them in one place, that could be better. Unluckily, Microsoft does not developed such program.

Good news is that MultCloud is able to do this. MultCloud, as its name suggests, multiple clouds. it supports over 20 clouds as well as FTP, WebDav and so on. The number of every cloud being added is unlimited. Next, let’s see how this platform works.

Use MultCloud to sync two OneDrive accounts

MultCloud is a web app, so visit its site and sign in. You can register an account or experience without signing up.

In MultCloud, add OneDrive please, by the way, MultCloud also supports OneDrive for Business. Thus, you can use personal and business OneDrive on same computer, Adding OneDrive into MultCloud does not need your username and password. The authorization is in OneDrive’s official website.

Under Cloud Explorer interface, you can see your files in OneDrive and do some operations. Copy and Copy to will help you transfer file to another cloud services. The key feature of MultCloud is transferring, syncing is a kind of transferring.

Now let’s switch to Cloud Sync Service as following picture shows.

MultCloud has eight sync ways: one-way sync including simple sync, mirror sync, move sync, cumulative sync, update sync, incremental backup sync, full backup sync and two-way sync. Each way has description. You should notice that some sync way will delete files in original OneDrive. Details please visit sync cloud drive. Moreover, you can do schedule task, please refer to:

More information about MultCloud

Above steps show with MultCloud to manage multiple OneDrive accounts on one PC is simple. Move files across cloud drives often comes today, MultCloud solve this perfectly. It is safe to use. MultCloud does not save your data, when transferring and syncing, it costs traffic. Now if you are interested in it, start to try and upgrade to 10TB freely.

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