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We see that one person ask for one question on Dropbox community. He wants to move a Google Drive's folder with .jpg and .mov files to a folder in Dropbox. But, he doesn't want to download them from Google Drive onto computer and then upload into Dropbox manually. So, could he just transfer them from one to the other directly?
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How do you easily move files from Google Drive to Dropbox?

Yes, it is pretty troublesome and time-consuming to manually download a mess of files from Google Drive and then upload them to Dropbox. If a simple, fast and automatic service can help you save Google Drive's files to Dropbox., so you will make more time to complete other works. One such service we recommended is MultCloud. Of course, there are likely others out there as well.

The method is shown below:

  1. You can free create a MultCloud account and add Google Drive and Dropbox into it.
    Add Clouds
  2. 2. And then, you can create a transfer or sync task from Google Drive to Dropbox on MultCloud.
  3. 3. Click "Transfer/Sync Now" to start the task. After that, you can see it will move files from Google Drive to Dropbox.
    Tips: you can also move files from Dropbox to Google Drive with same way, as well as other clouds.
  4. In addition, MultCloud can enable you to schedule automatic transfer/sync files from Google Drive to Dropbox at a regular interval or a special timing. And, as it can transfer on background, you don’t have to keep your browser or computer open during the transmission. Once the transmission is complete you can also get an Email Notification.

About MultCloud service

As a multiple cloud storage manager, in addition to supporting Google Drive and Dropbox , Multcloud also supports more clouds, such as OneDrive, Google Photos, Box, Amazon S3, Mega etc. all over 30 cloud drives. So, you can easily manage multiple cloud storages like in Windows explorer via MultCloud, including upload, download, delete, rename, preview cloud files; create new cloud folder, share, move, cut/copy & paste files across clouds. View More