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Solved: The Tutorial about Migrating from Dropbox to Google Drive

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Aug. 29, 2019 | 3 mins read

Author Delores


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Moving files from Dropbox to Google is very easily with two solutions introduced in this article. You can find a polular way with a free cloud transfer tool – MultCloud to achieve your goal. Select one method that you are most interested in so you can perform the operation.

Why change to Google Drive?

Nowadays, many users prefer to use Dropbox as a cloud storage tool to save pictures, videos, documents, etc because it offers many advanced features like retrieving files you deleted, keeping unlimited versions of your document for 30 days and it does not count toward the total storage space you are allowed.

However, as Dropbox only starts with 2GB of storage for the free user while Google Drive that has the similar features of Dropbox but offers 15 GB storage space for the free user. Therefore, many users choose to select Google Drive as the destination space to save files when we run out the free space of Dropbox.

After selecting Google Drive as the storage, how can you achieve migrating from Dropbox to Google Drive safely and quickly? Continue to read the following parts, you will find two solutions to help you move files from Dropbox to Google Drive.

Traditional Solution: Download and Upload

Step 1. Log in your Dropbox account.

Step 2. Create one folder to save all your Dropbox files.

Step 3. Put the mouse on the new folder, click the three-dot symbol and click the “Download” button and wait for the process to complete.

Download Under Dropbox
Download Under Dropbox

Step 4. Log in your Google Drive account.

Step 5. Click “Upload” button to upload that .zip file to your Google Drive and wait for the process to complete.

Upload Files to Google Drive
Upload Files to Google Drive


  • The new folder will become a .zip file after it’s downloaded to the local PC.
  • If you want to upload folder to your Google Drive, you need to extract that.zip file first.
  • Following above steps, you can realize migrating from Dropbox to Google Drive easily. But if your data size is a little bit large, then it takes time to complete the task. You cannot close the page until the process is complete and the time it takes to transfer depends on the network. So is there any way that can move from Dropbox to Google Drive without encountering above situations? Sure, read the following parts to find a new way with MultCloud.

    Popular Way: Transfer from Dropbox to Google Drive with MultCloud

    MultCloud is a free cloud manager tool that supports dozens of mainstream cloud providers including Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Mega, etc to transfer files among clouds. Read below part and it will introduce a new cloud file transfer tool with MultCloud to migrate data from Dropbox to Google Drive based on the webpage.

    Step 1. Create a MultCloud account

    Since MultCloud is a free web app tool, to use it, please Create a MultCloud account.

    Sign Up
    Sign Up

    Step 2. Add Clouds

    Click “Add Cloud Drives” and authorize your Dropbox and Google Drive to MultCloud.

    Add Dropbox
    Add Dropbox to MultCloud

    Step 3. Migrate Dropbox to Google Drive

    Create a Cloud Transfer task. Select Dropbox as the source and select Google Drive as the target. Click “Transfer Now” and wait for the process to complete.

    Migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive
    Copy Dropbox to Google Drive

    Note: If you are not going to migrate all files under Dropbox to Google Drive, just select the folder you need to transfer under Dropbox as the source.


    After following the above steps, migrating from Dropbox to Google Drive is complete easily. When the task starts, you can close the webpage and even shut down the PC because MultCloud can transfer files at the background. In addition to "Cloud Transfer" feature, MultCloud also has "Cloud Explorer" and "Cloud Sync" feature. If you want to ulpoad file via URL, you can make full use of "Cloud Explorer" feature; if you want to Sync Photos between OneDrive and Google Photos, you can use "Cloud Sync" feature.

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