Why Do You Select Google Drive and Dropbox As Your File Storages?

The cloud drive is an online storage service launched by the Internet company to provide users with functions such as file storage, access, backup, and sharing. Whether you are at home, in the unit or anywhere else, you can manage and edit the files in the cloud drive as long as you have the access to the Internet. As each cloud drive has different features, so many of us have more than one account. Among many cloud storages, Google Drive and Dropbox are the most popular clouds because they have more advanced features and they are easy to use and the most important one is that you can use them for free because there is no additional charges once starting use them. If you happen to have these clouds and you may want to move files from Google Drive to Dropbox to manage your files.Since your purpose is clear now, then how to transfer Google drive to Dropbox will be a problem.

How to Add Google Drive to Dropbox?

There are many ways to implement Google Drive to Dropbox migration, and here we introduce two solutions for you to choose from.

Method 1. Download and Upload

Regardless of which cloud storage you use, usually this cloud storage has upload and download capabilities, Google Drive is no exception. To migrate Google Drive to Dropbox, you need to download files from Google Drive to your local PC one by one and then upload them to your Dropbox. Even though this way can help you transfer files stored on your Google Drive to your Dropbox account, it would take much time and the speed depends on your Network speed.

Method 2. Transfer Google Drive to Dropbox with MultCloud

Using the traddional way to download and upload files from Google Drive to Dropbox is not the best way to achieve your intention because you cannot close the page when the download or upload process is running and you need to wait for the process to complete. Luckily, there is a way which can help you move data from Google Drive to Dropbox quickly.

MultCloud is a free cloud storage manager that can transfer files between cloud storage and it can add multiple cloud storages to one console for transferring files across clouds. It supports Google Drive, Gsuite, Dropbox, Dropbox for Business, Mega, PCloud, Hubic, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, FTP, Amazon, Cloudme, Cubby, Mydrive and so on. Read below parts to learn how to transfer Google Drive to Dropbox.

Now, create a MultCloud account or you can click experience without signing up.

Experience Without Signing Up
  1. Step 1. Add your Google Drive and Dropbox account to MultCloud.
    Add Cloud Drives
  2. Step 2. Click “Cloud Transfer” button, select Google Drive as the source, select Dropbox as the target.
    Cloud Transfer
  3. Step 3. Click “Transfer Now” and wait for the process to complete. After that, you will find that all files stored on Google Drive are transferred to your Dropbox account.
    Transfer Files from Google Drive to Dropbox

Here is a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygupNws8yuQ that can tells you how MultCloud works and instructs you how to transfer Google Drive to Dropbox.


Following the aforementioned steps, you can easily transfer files from Google Drive to Dropbox. When your task starts, you can close the page and even shut download your PC because MultCloud can deal with this task at the background. With the help of MultCloud, you can easily complete data migration.

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