• Cloud to cloud backup

    MultCloud enables users to backup or sync between clouds through a windows type service and most importantly, MultCloud has provided users a function to schedule their cloud sync task, that means cloud backup between cloud storage services can be automatically done at the programmed time set by users. And when it’s only needed to backup a certain type of files from one cloud to another, users of MultCloud can simply enter the extensions of those files and the system will automatically identify and transfer them.

    What can MultCloud help me with?

    Online storage is an integral part of life now, but with so many cloud storage services with different features, you might have many different cloud storage services to fulfill all your needs. For instance, many people have accounts of both Google drive and Dropbox. It can be really annoying when you want a cloud backup between these two different cloud services, basically you have to download it from Dropbox to your device and then re-upload it to Google Drive. However, with MultCloud, a free multiple cloud manager, you can simply set up a transfer task to sync Dropbox with Google Drive. And once a cloud to cloud backup started, it will be running in the backgroud, that means the transfer is still running even when your device is powered off.