FTP & cloud management

Users of MultCloud can access all their FTP accounts with a single login and manage all online files through a single windows explorer type service. With the help of MultCloud, we can set up server to server transfer, backup or sync between FTP servers, or from FTP to cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, WebDav, SugarSync, MEGA, MySQL, etc.

FTP site manager

When we need to change the host of FTP server, basically, we have to download the data from one FTP server and re-upload it to another. This can be a tedious job when it happens to be large amounts of data. However, MultCloud has provided a function --- “Move Sync”. For instance, you can sync data from FTP 1 to FTP 2. Once the synchronization is complete, all the files in FTP 1 will be transferred to FTP 2 and the files in FTP 1 will be deleted.

How to sync FTP servers?

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