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User Case: What are the Best Alternatives to MEGA?


Better alternative for MEGA

As you know from the title, I'm looking for some better alternatives because MEGA has compromised on security in recent times. So I have maybe 5-6 GB worth of VERY VERY important data that I want to keep away from prying Cloud providers at any cost. Please suggest cloud storage accordingly.

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Best Top 12 MEGA Alternatives

MEGA offers excellent cloud storage features, but sometimes it's essential to explore alternatives for various reasons. Diversifying your options can provide better storage capacity, enhanced security, and additional features to cater to your specific needs. Let's explore the top 12 MEGA personal alternatives and their unique offerings.

1. Google Drive: Versatility Personified

Google Drive is a comprehensive cloud storage and collaboration platform that integrates seamlessly with other Google services. It's an ideal choice for those heavily invested in the Google ecosystem.

🎈You may be interested in transferring MEGA to Google Drive.

Features ✨Collaboration tools with Google Workspace.
✨File sharing and access control.
✨Extensive document format support.
Price ▪ 15 GB: Free
▪ 100 GB: $1.99/month
▪ 200 GB: $2.99/month
▪ 2 TB: $9.99/month
Pros ✔️Generous free storage (15 GB).
✔️Seamless integration with Google Workspace.
✔️Real-time collaboration and editing.
✔️Easy sharing and access control.
✔️Mobile apps for on-the-go access.
Cons ❌Privacy concerns as it's a Google service.
❌Internet connection required for full functionality.
❌Competing services may offer more features for specific use cases.
❌Subscription cost can add up for large storage needs.

2. OneDrive: Microsoft's Offering

OneDrive, by Microsoft, is a MEGA alternative that shines with its seamless integration with Windows and Microsoft Office. It offers an array of features suitable for both personal and professional use.

🎈You may be interested in transferring from MEGA to OneDrive.

Features ✨Microsoft Office integration.
✨Cross-platform compatibility.
✨Advanced security features.
Price ▪ OneDrive Basic (5 GB): Free
▪ OneDrive 100 GB: $1.99/month
▪ Microsoft 365 Personal (1 TB, Office apps): $6.99/month
▪ Microsoft 365 Family (1 TB/user (up to 6 users), Office apps): $9.99/month
Pros ✔️Seamless integration with Microsoft services and Windows OS.
✔️Easy collaboration on Office documents.
✔️Automatic photo and video backup from mobile devices.
✔️Various price plans suitable for different needs.
Cons ❌Limited free storage compared to some competitors.
❌File syncing issues have been reported by some users.
❌Additional features require a subscription to Microsoft 365.
❌Privacy concerns due to Microsoft's data collection practices.

3. Dropbox: The Sync Master

Dropbox is a household name in cloud storage, known for its effortless file synchronization across devices. While it may not offer as much free storage as MEGA, its user-friendliness and reliable service make it a strong competitor.

🎈You may be interested in MEGA vs Dropbox.

Features ✨File storage and syncing.
✨File sharing and collaboration.
✨File version history.
Price ▪ Basic (2 GB): Free
▪ Plus (2 TB): $9.99/month
▪ Family (2 TB/user (up to 6 users)): $16.99/month
▪ Business (Custom): Custom
Pros ✔️Easy file sharing and collaboration.
✔️Cross-platform compatibility.
✔️Version history and file recovery.
✔️Third-party app integration.
✔️Strong security and privacy options.
Cons ❌Free plan has limited storage.
❌Paid plans can be costly for large teams.
❌Some features may require technical know-how.
❌Competition from other cloud storage providers.

4. Box: Enterprise-Grade Storage

For businesses and enterprises, Box provides scalable, enterprise-level cloud storage with robust collaboration and productivity features. It's a credible alternative for those seeking a professional solution.

Features ✨Secure content management.
✨Workflow automation.
✨Customizable access controls.
Price ▪ Individual (10 GB): Free
▪ Personal Pro (100 GB): $19/month
▪ Business Starter (100 GB): $13/user/month (3+ users)
▪ Business (unlimited storage): $24/user/month (3+ users)
▪ Business Plus (unlimited storage):  $37/user/month (3+ users)
▪ Enterprise (unlimited storage): $52/user/month (3+ users)
▪ Enterprise Plus: Custom pricing with advanced features
Pros ✔️Easy file sharing and collaboration.
✔️Robust security features.
✔️Integration with various apps.
✔️Scalable for businesses.
Cons ❌Limited storage in the free plan.
❌Pricing may not be suitable for small budgets.
❌Some features require higher-tier plans.

5. iCloud: Apple's Cloud Solution

Apple users can opt for iCloud, Apple's proprietary cloud storage solution. It effortlessly syncs data across all Apple devices and offers a seamless user experience.

Features ✨Automatic device backup.
✨Cross-device synchronization.
✨Privacy-focused approach.
Price ▪ 5GB: Free
▪ 50GB: $0.99/month
▪ 200GB: $2.99/month
▪ 2TB: $9.99/month
▪ 6TB: $29.99/month
▪ 12TB: $59.99/month
Pros ✔️Seamless integration with Apple devices and apps.
✔️Automatic device backups for peace of mind.
✔️Easy sharing and collaboration on files and photos.
✔️Find My feature helps locate lost devices.
Cons ❌Limited free storage (5 GB).
❌No cross-platform support (primarily for Apple users).
❌Additional storage can be relatively expensive.
❌Some users may have privacy concerns due to Apple's security policies.

6. Amazon S3: Object Storage Service

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service with industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. The service is particularly suitable for enterprise users to manage collect, store, protect, back-up, retrieve, and analyze data.

Features ✨Scalable storage capacity.
✨High durability and availability.
✨Data security and encryption.
✨Data versioning and lifecycle.
✨Web hosting capabilities.
Price ▪ Pay-as-you-go pricing based on usage, with no upfront costs.
▪ Different storage classes (Standard, Intelligent-Tiering, Glacier) with varying costs.
▪ Free tier with limited usage.
Pros ✔️Highly scalable and reliable storage.
✔️Versatile for various data types and workloads.
✔️Strong data security and access controls.
✔️Cost-effective, with pay-as-you-go pricing.
✔️Integration with other AWS services.
Cons ❌Cost can add up with frequent data access.
❌Learning curve for complex configurations.
❌Data retrieval costs can vary.
❌Not as user-friendly as some other cloud storage options.

7. SugarSync: Folder Structure Backup

SugarSync is a cloud file sharing, file sync and online backup service that is simple, powerful and easy to use. Unlike Dropbox, SugarSync enables you to back up your existing folder structure.

Features ✨File syncing and backup.
✨Cross-device access.
✨File sharing and collaboration.
✨Security and encryption.
✨Mobile apps for iOS and Android.
Price ▪ 100 GB Plan: $7.49/month per user
▪ 250 GB Plan: $9.99/month per user
▪ 500 GB Plan: $18.95/month per user
▪ 1 TB Plan:  $55.00/month per user (up to 3 users)
Pros ✔️Easy file syncing and sharing.
✔️Cross-platform support.
✔️User-friendly interface.
✔️File versioning and recovery.
✔️Security features like remote wipe.
Cons ❌Relatively more expensive than some competitors.
❌Limited free storage (5GB) for the free plan.
❌No Linux support.

8. MediaFire: Simplicity and Affordability

MediaFire is a user-friendly and cost-effective cloud storage platform suitable for those on a budget. It's a no-frills alternative to MEGA.

🎈You may be interested in how to transfer MEGA files to MediaFire.

Features ✨Up to 10GB of free storage.
✨File and folder sharing.
✨Mobile and web access.
✨Secure file storage and sharing.
✨Real-time collaboration (with paid plans).
Price ▪ Basic (Free): 10GB storage, limited features
▪ Pro ($3.75/month): 1TB storage, more features
▪ Business (Custom pricing): Enhanced features
Pros ✔️Generous free storage.
✔️User-friendly interface.
✔️Easy file sharing.
✔️Cross-platform support.
Cons ❌Limited free plan features.
❌Some advanced features are paid.
❌May not be suitable for large-scale businesses.

9. pCloud: Your Digital Oasis

pCloud is a versatile cloud storage solution that competes head-to-head with MEGA. With user-friendly features and robust security measures, it provides an excellent alternative for those looking to safeguard their files.

Features ✨Client-side encryption.
✨Remote upload and file sharing.
✨Extended file history and recovery.
Price ▪ Free Plan (10 GB)
▪ Premium (500 GB): $49.99/year
▪ Premium Plus (2 TB): $99.99/year
▪ Family (2 TB): $598/one-time payment (up to 5 users)
▪ Family (10 TB): $1499/one-time payment (up to 5 users)
▪ Business (1 TB per user): $9.99/month/user (3+ users)
▪ Business Pro (2 TB per user): $19.98/month/user (3+ users)
Pros ✔️Easy to use interface.
✔️Secure client-side encryption.
✔️Media playback feature.
✔️Affordable pricing plans.
✔️Remote upload functionality.
Cons ❌Limited free storage.
❌No integrated office suite.
❌Limited collaboration features.
❌Upload/download speeds vary.

10. Backblaze: Friendly Backup Service

Backblaze is a streamlined and secure online backup service. It's beginner-friendly and works well for backing up data from a variety of cloud services, such as backing up Google Drive to Backblaze. However, if you want more control over your backups, Backblaze may frustrate you.

Features ✨Unlimited cloud backup for your computer data.
✨Automatic and continuous data backup.
✨File version history retention.
✨File sharing and collaboration.
✨Strong data security and encryption.
Price ▪ Personal Backup: $9/month/computer
▪ Business Backup: $99/year/computer
▪ B2 Cloud Storage: Starts at $0.005/GB/month
Pros ✔️Affordable pricing for individuals and businesses.
✔️Unlimited backup space.
✔️Strong data security and privacy.
✔️Easy-to-use software and mobile apps.
Cons ❌No free plan (limited trial available).
❌Limited advanced features compared to some competitors.

11. ownCloud: Open-Source File Sync and Sharing

ownCloud is an open-source file sync and share software for everyone from individuals operating the free ownCloud server, to large enterprises and service providers operating under the ownCloud Enterprise Subscription. ownCloud provides a safe, secure and compliant file sync and share solution – on servers you control.

Features ✨Host your cloud on your own servers.
✨Sync files across devices and platforms.
✨Share files and folders securely with others.
✨Protect data with strong encryption.
Price ▪ Community Edition (Free)
▪ Standard Subscription (Paid)
Pros ✔️Keep data on your own servers for full control.
✔️Strong encryption and security features.
✔️Share and collaborate on files and projects.
✔️Supports third-party apps and plugins.
Cons ❌Requires server setup and maintenance.
❌Advanced features require a paid subscription.
❌Some technical expertise may be needed. 

12. CloudMe: File Storage Service

CloudMe is a file storage service operated by CloudMe AB that offers cloud storage, file synchronization and client software. It features a blue folder that appears on all devices with the same content, all files are synchronized between devices.

Features ✨Store and organize files in the cloud.
✨Share files and folders with others.
✨Keep files updated across multiple devices.
✨Collaborate on documents and projects in real-time.
✨Secure data with encryption and access controls.
Price ▪ Free Plan (3-19 GB): €0/month
▪ Support Plan (10 GB): €1/month
▪ Starter Plan (25 GB): €4/month
▪ Small Plan (100 GB): €8/month
▪ Standard Plan (200 GB): €14/month
▪ Large Plan (500 GB): €30/month
▪ Team Plan (1 TB): €149/month (+ 5 users with 100 GB)
▪ Business Plan (2 TB): €279/month (+ 15 users with 100 GB)
▪ Enterprise Plan (5 TB): €759/month (+ 50 users with 100 GB)
Pros ✔️User-friendly interface.
✔️cross-platform compatibility.
✔️free plan available.
✔️secure file sharing options.
Cons ❌limited free storage (3 GB).
❌pricing plans slightly higher than competitors.
❌advanced collaboration features only in business plan.


In the world of cloud storage, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. The best MEGA alternative for you depends on your specific requirements and preferences. Whether it's Google Drive's integration, Dropbox's simplicity, or OneDrive's security, you have plenty of options to choose from. Evaluate your needs and make an informed decision to ensure your digital life is organized, secure, and efficient.


1. Are these alternatives free to use?

Most of them offer free plans with limited storage, but premium options are available for additional features and storage.

2. Is there a free MEGA alternative with more than 15 GB of storage?

Yes, several alternatives, such as Google Drive and pCloud, offer more than 15 GB of free storage.

3. Do these alternatives offer mobile apps for easy access?

Yes, all of the mentioned alternatives have mobile apps for Android and iOS.

4. Can I easily transfer my data from MEGA to one of these alternatives?

Yes, you can usually transfer your data between cloud storage services, but the process may vary. For easy and smooth migration, you can use the cloud-to-cloud transfer tool --- MultCloud.

  • Perfect Integration: Manage up to 30+ cloud drives centrally.
  • Random Migration: Do one-time or incremental migration.
  • Real-time Sync: Provide 10 custom modes to sync data, e.g. Synology MEGA sync.
  • Smart Backup: Restore the backed-up data to the previous version at any time.
  • Email Migration: Easily save emails to a flash drive or cloud account.
  • Remote Upload: Directly parse torrent data to cloud, e.g. downloading torrent files directly to MEGA cloud.


5. Which alternative is best for collaborative work and sharing?

Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box are excellent choices for collaboration and sharing features.

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