MultCloud App

Access All Clouds in One App

Access and manage all your clouds easily with one cloud transfer software.

  • Seamless & Fast one-key data transfer across clouds.
  • Offline & Scheduled cloud-to-cloud transfer with one click.
  • Collect all clouds into one app for efficient management.

What Can MultCloud App Do for You?

Click Once to Fast Transfer Data across Clouds

MultCloud for iOS/Android connects multiple cloud storage services safely under one virtual roof.

You can use the highly regarded Cloud Transfer feature to select the source and destination of the cloud file transfer for one-key superfast data transfer without consuming bandwidth.

Manage All Clouds with One App

Managing files like documents, photos, music, and videos across different cloud storage services becomes an easy task now with MultCloud Android app and iOS app.

You don’t have to install countless cloud apps or open lots of browser windows but can easily access every cloud file securely on one simple app.

Customize Tasks with Flexible Schedules and Filter

MultCloud for Android/iOS app enables users to create scheduled and automatic cloud file transfer, sync, and backup tasks with daily, weekly, and monthly plans.

You can set up your own schedules in this cloud transfer app to create automatic cloud-to-cloud backup or periodic cloud file sync according to specific needs.

What Makes MultCloud App Stand Out?

Easy to Use

Achieve all operations in 3 simple steps with user-friendly app without downloading and uploading.

Military-Grade Encryption

The Cloud Transfer process is full-time protected by the 256-bit AES encryption for SSL and no data would be stored by MultCloud.

Bandwidth-Saving Transfer

MultCloud cloud-to-cloud transfer service uses 10 encrypted threads to transfer your data between multiple clouds quickly without taking your cellular data traffic.

Comprehensive Cloud Support

As an industry-leading multiple cloud storage manager, MultCloud for iOS/Android supports all the major cloud storage services for personal and business accounts.

Start with MultCloud App Now

Install MultCloud mobile app now to enjoy simple and time-saving cloud file transfer and management on your mobile devices.

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Available on iOS 13.0 or later


Available on Android 5.0 or later